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Тут представлен список пиратских игр, которые до сих пор не сдамплены. Также тут перечислены игры, которые сдамплены, но не выложены в общий доступ


Несдампленные игры[]

Название Компания Год Ссылки Примечания
American Crisis AVE, C&E 1991 Was apparently developped specifically for AVE. Unreleased because they went out of business.
Super Gun NTDEC [1]
66 in 1 Family Karaoto


Features Mario Kart, Crash Bandicoot, Metal Slug, and Angry Kirby

Альтернативные версии сдампленных игр[]

Название Компания Год Ссылки Примечания
Asder PC-95 NTDEC 1995 [3]

[4] [5]

Arabic version is dumped, and the Polish version is a remake and is translated from the Arabic version. Translations in English, Portuguese, and Korean are known to exist.

Miss Peach World Hacker International [6]


Is a pornographic hack of Menace Beach/Mr. Assy (prototype, undumped). May be closer to Mr. Assy than Menace Beach.
Street Hero Daou Infosys 1992 [6] Unreleased english translation of The General's Son.
Titenic (ABAB 3-in-1 version) Ex-Hummer Team members Could be a more complete version than the known one on the 15-in1 cartridge. With the title screen and a player select.
Xiao Ma Li Nei-Hu Electronics, C&E 1991 [7] Uses a brighter color palette than the dumped version. It seems to be seen on C&E release.
Xīn Bāo Qīng Tiān II (新包青天Ⅱ)
aka Super Justice King, Bāo Qīng Tiān (包青天)
Waixing [8] Fighting game. A title screen hack titled "Impartial Judge" was decrypted from a Waixing ROM pack.

Game Boy/Game Boy Color[]

Несдампленные игры[]

Название Компания Год Ссылки Примечания
Binary Monster Gowin Mono only. It appears to be a Tamagotchi clone.
Binary Monster II Adventure of Hell Gowin Mono only. It appears to be a sequel to a Super Mario Land clone called Story of Lasama. However this sequel is based on Super Mario Bros deluxe instead.
Binary Monster III Gowin Mono only. Appears to be a clone of Double Dragon by Technōs Japan.
Chāojí Gédòu 2001 α (超級格鬥2001α)
aka Super Fighter 2001 Alpha
Vast Fame An original game based on Vast Fame's Queen Fighter 2000.
Digimon Ruby Vast Fame An English translation of Digimon 3 by Vast Fame.
Digimon Sapphire
aka Digimon Saphire
Vast Fame [9]
Digital Drachen 7: Dämonwelt Sintax [10] A hack of Digimon Adventure 2001 by Sintax. It is in German only.
Magic Lamp Gowin [11] A Mega Man clone.
Metal Slug 2 Sintax [12] Reuses HUD from the dumped game Yue Nan Zhan Yi 3.
Monster Dragon Tactics Card Good Life Based on Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters 1 for the Game Boy.
Monster Go! Go! II 2001 ? A sequel to Monster Go! Go! that appears to be a hack of Kirby's Dream Land 2.
Nǚwáng Gédòu 2000 (女王格鬥2000)
aka Queen Fighter 2000, Queen of Fighters, Gals Fighters
Vast Fame A port of Gals Fighters for the Neo Geo Pocket Color.
Pokemon Chikorita SKOB? [13] Also known as Pocket Monsters Crystal on the title screen.
Pocket Monsters Stadium King of Fighters(Bronze) Good Life Appears to be a clone of Pokemon Stadium for the SNES.
Pokemon Pearl Yong Yong/Makon Soft [14]
Pokemon Leaf Green Sintax [15] Game HUD is similar to the one used in their The Incredibles game.
Pokemon XD (box only) Sintax [16] It is probably a title screen hack of Pokemon Platinum by Sintax running in GBC mode only.
Sachen 4 in 1 (Vol. 2, 3, 4, 8) Sachen Vol. 5 is dumped completely, Vol. 6 has 3 out of the 4 games dumped, Vol. 7 has 2 out of the 4 and Vol. 9 has 1 out of the 4 dumped.
Street Fighter Zero 4 Sachen [17]
Street Heroes Sachen 2000 [18] Port of the NES/Famicom game of the same name.
Super Robot Wars F Final Vol.2 SKOB Possibly a continuation of the dumped Vol. 1?
Super Sonik II Sintax [19]
The Incredibles Sintax [20] Это хак Pokemon Platinum от Sintax.
Wùkōng Wài Zhuàn: Wǔ Dòu Piān (悟空外傳 武鬥篇)
aka Dragon Ball Final Bout
SKOB [21] It is a hack of one of Takara's King of Fighters games.

Альтернативные версии сдампленных игр[]

Название Компания Год Ссылки Примечания
2003 Digimon Fighted Sintax [22] English version of 2003 Shu Ma Bao Long: Ge Dou Ban.
The Beet Terrif Battle of 2002
aka Startled 911
BBD [23] Metal Slug 2001, in English with a new intro based off 9/11.
Capcom vs SNK: Millennium Fight 2001 (Оригинальная версия) Yong Yong/Sachen? [24] [25] A Li Cheng release is dumped, which seems to lack the title screen.
Crystal Age Sintax/Benco Technology [26] Appears to be the English version of Saishuu Gensou; the Chinese and English titles are linked in the Chinese copyright database. [27]
Digimon Amethyst: The Dangerous Journey of Devildom Sintax [28] [29] Хак заставочного экрана 2003 Digimom Sapphii от Sintax.
Digimon D-4 SKOB [30] A Li Cheng release was dumped with a different title screen and company logo.
Digimon D-5 SKOB? Possibly the original release of Ming Zhu Kou Dai Guai Shou III (the dumped Li Cheng release)
Dragon Quest 10 Li Cheng [31] Title screen hack of Sheng Shou Wu Yu, with a modified intro (shorter than the original one) and the V.Fame logo removed.
DBZ 3 2002 Fighting Sintax английская версия Dragon Ball Z Fighting 2005.
Final Fantaxy IX (Оригинальная версия) TD Software [32] A title screen hack named Tai Kong Zhan Shi DX3 (published by Li Cheng) is dumped.
Harry Potter 2 (Китайская версия) Vast Fame 2002 [33] Harry Potter 3 2003 и английский релиз оригинальной версии сламплены.
Ice Age II (Английская версия) Sintax [34] Китайская версия сдамплена.
King of Fighters R2 (оригинальная версия) SKOB A dumped version exists, King of Fighters 2003, which is a title screen hack.
Little Taichi: The Adventure of Myth (Английская версия) BBD/Sintax [35] Китайская версия сдамплена.
Pocket Monster Ruby
aka Pokémon Ruby Version
Vast Fame [36] [37] Chong Wu Xiao Jing Ling: Jie Jin Ta Zhi Wang, a Chinese re-release with Shi Kong Xing Shou music is dumped.
Rockman X4 Makon Soft 2000 Цветная версия Rockman 8.
Terrifying 9/11
aka Shocking 9/11 (驚爆 911) (Original/English ver.)
Hitek [38] [39] A title screen hack named Te Zhong Bu Dui 2 - Jidi (published by Li Cheng) is dumped.
True Three Kingdoms Sintax/BBD [40] [41] Английская версия Zhen San Guo Wu Shuang от Sintax.

Game Boy Advance[]

Название Компания Год Ссылки Примечания
Crash Bandicoot 4
aka Crash Bandicoot IV, Crash Advance IV
Sintax [42] Еще одна вариация Digimon Adventure.
Ge Dou Jian Shen Sintax
Ji Xie Ren Da Zhan - Zhong Ji Ban (機械人大战 - 终极版) Vast Fame [43]
Lord of the Rings IV Sintax [44] Еще одна вариация Digimon Adventure.
Megaman 5 [45]
Rayman IV
aka Rayman: Der Sonneschein auf der Reise
Sintax [46] [47] Еще одна вариация Digimon Adventure.

Rockman & Crystal

Vast Fame 2003 [48] [49] Zook Hero - это игра компании Vast Fame, которая использует графику из игры Pulseman для Sega Genesis. Тайваньская версия игры под названием Zook Man ZX4 была сдамплена.
Sonic 3 Fighter Sonic Sintax [50] [51] [52] [53] Еще одна вариация Digimon Adventure.

Mega Drive/Genesis[]

Название Компания Год Ссылки Примечания
Magic 7 Block Gamtec [54]
Shizen Mahjong Sachen
Sonic Shuffle Glorysun Игра на русском языке, но титры на Китайском. Возможно это хак Clue от Sculptured Software.
Zhōng Guó Xiàng Qí (中國象棋)
aka Chinese Chess
Realtec/Dragons Team [55]

Super Famicom/SNES[]

Название Компания Год Ссылки Примечания
Dragon Ball: Final Bout [56] Порт одноименной игры с Mega Drive.
Squirrel Gamtec [57] [58] Порт Squirrel King с Mega Drive.