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100-in-1 Contra 16 Function is a Famicom multicart developed by Supervision in 1991.


The menu interface features music from Booby Kids. The cart itself contains many repeats, and the last 42 entries on the list allow you to change the starting level and/or number of lives you start with on the selected game. As the title implies, 16 of the menu listings are variations of Contra. Arkanoid and both versions of Tetris have been cut down from 48k to 40k and so some graphics have been removed in these.

List of games[]

Note: the numbering on this list does not correspond with where the games are in the menu.

  1. Contra
  2. Arkanoid
  3. Tetris I (BPS version)
  4. Tetris II (Tengen version, called "1991 New Game" on the title screen)
  5. Bros. (Super Mario Bros., level select enabled by default with the stage select hack)
  6. Bomber Man (Bomberman)
  7. Fancy Brother (Mario Bros., called "Mr Mary" on the title screen)
  8. Popeye
  9. King Kong I (Donkey Kong)
  10. King Kong III (Donkey Kong 3)
  11. Nild Gunman (Wild Gunman)
  12. Duck Shoot (Duck Hunt)
  13. Hogans Alley
  14. Pin Ball
  15. F1 Raceghter (F-1 Race)
  16. Urban Champ1 (Urban Champion)
  17. Balloon Fight
  18. Baseball
  19. Ice Climber
  20. Mappy
  21. Galaxian
  22. Galaza (Galaga)
  23. Antarctic (Antarctic Adventure)
  24. Chack Pop (Chack'n Pop)
  25. Star Force
  26. Pac Man I (PAC-MAN)
  27. Warp Man
  28. Tank I (Battle City)
  29. Combat (Field Combat)
  30. Pooyan I
  31. Key Destroye (Sky Destroyer)
  32. Binary Land
  33. Macross
  34. Lode RunnerII (Championship Lode Runner)