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The Color GB 100-in-1 is a pirate multicart for the Game Boy line of consoles attributed to "GAME USA Color Advance" as the possible publisher. It was likely released in the year 2001 as this cart contains the English version of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages which was released in 2001, providing a lower bound of the multicart's release date, and the inclusion of the first two generations of Pokémon games also support that as they were immensely popular and recent games at the time.


The black cartridge is the size of an official Game Boy cartridge and its label reads "TOP 100 CLASSIC GAME COLLECTION 128M ALL SAVE NO REPEAT 100 IN 1" and then "UC-100M01" at the top, with "GAME USA Color Advance" being written vertically on the left of the label. It depicts various covers of Game Boy games including Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario, among others. "Nintendo GAMEBOY TM" is imprinted in the oval on the cartridge. The grooves on the back are slightly deeper than those on an officially licensed cartridge and there's another imprint at the top reading "MADE IN JAPAN" and below "PAT. PEND". The cartridge is held together by a Philips screw instead of the usual tri-wing screws used by Nintendo.


CGB 100-1 menu

The first page of the menu.

This cartridge uses a menu that allows the player to browse through and select from the games. All titles are organized in pages of 10 in front of a color-shifting, diagonally-moving checker board pattern. Additionally, there's a header reading "COLOR GB 100 IN 1" and "PUSH UP DOWN A KEY" as well as "CGB 100 IN 1" in a fancy font on the bottom of the screen. There is no menu music, however, pressing a button plays a short sound effect. Navigation is done using the D-pad for selecting a game of a given page, and pressing B will advance to the next page. Pressing A starts the selected game.

The names of the games in the menu don't always match the actual ones on the multicart. There's some spelling errors and some games even go by completely different names entirely. Also, due to the limited character space per line, some names are cut off at the end.

List of games[]

The vast majority of games on this multicart are English, licensed games of little popularity, with the exception of some Pokémon games, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, Tetris, and Super Mario Land. A few games are in Japanese. This multicart also contains ROM hacks as well as a bunch of homebrew games on the last pages. Not counting alternative versions of games and different localizations, it features 98 unique titles.

Listed below are the games how they appear on the menu with name corrections in brackets alongside other notes.

  1. Pokemon Diamond (unofficial pirate translation of Keitai Denjū Telefang)
  2. Pokemon Jade (unofficial pirate translation of Keitai Denjū Telefang)
  3. Pokemon Crystal
  4. Pokemon Gold (bootleg translation of the Japanese version)
  5. Pokemon Green (Pokémon Blue)
  6. Digital Monster (title screen hack of Primal Rage)
  7. Megaman Xtreme
  8. X Man Wolverine (X-Men Wolverine's Rage)
  9. Return Ninja (Return of the Ninja)
  10. Super Mario 4 (ROM hack of Crayon Shin-chan 4: Ora no Itazura Dai Henshin)
  11. Super Mario La (Super Mario Land)
  12. Spartan X (Japanese version of Kung Fu)
  13. Zelda Ages (The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages)
  14. Bionic Batter (VS Battler)
  15. Bugs Bunny (The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle)
  16. Castlevania Ad (Castlevania: The Adventure)
  17. DMG ASE (Japanese version of Asmik-kun World)
  18. Duck Tales
  19. Mario and Yosh (Yoshi no Tamago, Japanese version of Yoshi / Mario & Yoshi)
  20. Megalit
  21. New Chessmaste (The Chessmaster)
  22. Parasoru Hembe (Parasoru Henbē)
  23. Pinball (Revenge of the Gator, a pinball game)
  24. Pocket Stadium (in Japanese)
  25. Side Pocket
  26. Spider Man (The Amazing Spider-Man)
  27. Tall Gator (Tail Gator)
  28. Wizard Warrio (Fortress of Fear: Wizards & Warriors X)
  29. Pac Man
  30. Wordzap
  31. Y Noah Tennis (Yannick Noah Tennis)
  32. Yakuman (Japanese)
  33. Klax
  34. Loopz
  35. Tetris
  36. Lode Runner (Hyper Lode Runner)
  37. Shisensyo (Shisenshou)
  38. Alley Way (Alleyway)
  39. Daedalian Opus
  40. Amida
  41. Palamedes
  42. Korodice (Koro Dice)
  43. Dragon Slayer
  44. Dr. Mario
  45. World Bowling
  46. Qbillion
  47. Space Invaders
  48. Flipull
  49. Pitman (Japanese version of Catrap)
  50. Tennis
  51. Flappy Special
  52. Tasmania Story (Japanese, never released worldwide)
  53. Trump Boy (Japanese)
  54. Hong Kong (Japanese)
  55. Pipe Dream
  56. Ishido (Ishido: The Way of Stones, Japanese)
  57. Volley Fire
  58. Soukoban 2 (Japanese)
  59. Koi wa Kakehik (Japanese)
  60. Battle City
  61. Heiankyo Alien (known as Digger outside japan)
  62. Shanghai
  63. Minesweeper
  64. Othello
  65. Motocross Mani (Motocross Maniacs)
  66. Spot (Spot: The Video Game)
  67. Tesserae
  68. Mogura de Pon (Japanese)
  69. Kyorchan Land (Kyoro-chan Land, Japanese version of Castelian, repeat of game 72)
  70. Master Karatek (Master Karateka)
  71. Crystal Quest
  72. Castelian
  73. Bubble Ghost
  74. Bomb Jack
  75. Penguin Land
  76. Centipede
  77. Missile Comman (Missile Command)
  78. Asteroids
  79. NFL Football
  80. Dropzone
  81. Harmony Game (The Game of Harmony)
  82. Kwirk
  83. Serpent
  84. Cool Ball
  85. Boxxle
  86. Brainbender
  87. Poke 97 (POKE mission 97, an unlicensed homebrew game by Anders Granlund from 1997, Download Link)
  88. Tic Tac Toe (GB Tic-Tac-Toe, an unlicensed homebrew game by Norman Nithman from 1996)
  89. Megamania (unfinished port of Megamania for the Atari 2600 by Mike Mika, Video, Download Link)
  90. Dungeon Escape (an unfinished homebrew game by Anders Granlund from 1997, Download Link)
  91. Downhill Ski (an unlicensed homebrew game by John Pericos from the 90's, Download Link)
  92. Gay (yes, really. an unlicensed clone of pong, doesn't have a title screen or name, no devs credited)
  93. Puzzle X (an unlicensed puzzle game published by BUNG, doesn't feature a title screen or game name otherwise)
  94. Star Fight (an unlicensed port of the homebrew game Star Fight for the Amstad CPC, by Martin Korth in 1999, Download Link)
  95. Startex Xag (Startex, an unlicensed homebrew game. the loading screen shows "Neolith Productions", the credits name Dave VanEe, Neo, and Xagor, among others, Download Link)
  96. Turret Duty (unlicensed game (re)published by BUNG in 1999, it's credited to Jon Wingrove, Dowload Link)
  97. Scramble (unlicensed port of the arcade game Scramble from 1981, Download Link)
  98. Little Fantasy (an unlicensed homebrew title by Tomas Rychnovsky supposedly released in 2000, Dowload Link)
  99. Q Bert (Q*bert, an unofficial port of the 1982 arcade game of the same name done by Paul Chinn that was released in the spring of 2000, official website)
  100. Jurassic Park