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230-in-1 Superversion
230-in-1's menu screen.
Console NES / Famicom
Sound engine NTDEC (menu)

The 230-in-1 is a multicart for the NES/Famicom, made by an unknown company.


This multicart contains 18 games, some of which have been hacked to remove or alter certain features to pad out the game list. The menu uses the same music as the 700-in-1 multicart. The graphics and music on the menu are original, with the music using the same sound engine that NTDEC used.

List of games

Real game names and modifications are pointed out in brackets. Games 28-1000 are all repeats.

  1. Ms Pacman (Removes the level type and level select options)
  2. Duck Hunt (Only has the 1 Duck mode available, the other 2 modes being set as games 139 and 384)
  3. Arkanoid (Takes about 13 seconds to load)
  4. Hogan's Alley (Same as Duck Hunt, alternate modes are listed as games 716 and 998)
  5. Wild Gunman (Same as Duck Hunt, alternate modes are listed as games 404 and 928)
  6. Key Kong3 (Donkey Kong 3, says Gorilla 3 on the title screen)
  7. Mario Bros
  8. Challenger (Only the lowest difficulty is available without going through repeats)
  9. Sasa (Astro Robo Sasa, the player starts with 80 energy as opposed to 1300)
  10. Dig Dug (The player starts with 20 lives)
  11. Contra
  12. Popeye
  13. Milk Nuts (Nuts & Milk, the first level repeats endlessly and this applies to the repeats)
  14. Rock Man
  15. Tetris 1P (Tengen Tetris, only 1-player mode available, alternate modes available through games 312, 313 and 912)
  16. Lode Runner (Championship Lode Runner)
  17. Devil World
  18. Wrecking (Wrecking crew)