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The 105-in-1 is a multicart that serves as a demo for the OneBus. It is unknown whether this was actually released in cartridge form.


This multicart is much larger than standard Famicom/NES multicarts, being 8Mb in size and containing 101 games. 2 of the games are repeats, and 2 others are hacks of other games which are included. The menu is in Korean, suggesting that this was probably released in South Korea. While most multicarts typically contain Famicom games with the copyright removed, some games retain the copyright, and a fair few of them are NES releases.

List of Games[]

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog (Somari hack)
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project
  3. Super Contra (Redirects to a 20-in-1 menu which has 20 variations of this game)
  4. Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima III (Adventure Island III)
  5. Tecmo World Cup Soccer
  6. Dead Fox (Code Name: Viper)
  7. Batman
  8. Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six (Cut-down version which removes some graphics)
  9. Tiny Toon Adventures 2
  10. Final Mission (Japanese version of S.C.A.T.)
  11. Tom & Jerry
  12. Super Spy Hunter
  13. Star Soldier
  14. Adventure Mario (Adventure Island hack)
  15. Space Hospital (Dr. Mario title screen hack)
  16. Mickey Mouse (Mickey Mousecapade)
  17. Gradius
  18. The Legend of Kage
  19. The Goonies (Player has 1 life instead of 3 and the scrolling is glitched)
  20. Onyanko Town
  21. Spelunker
  22. Mach Rider (Barely playable on EmuVT)
  23. 1942
  24. Magmax
  25. Tag Team Pro-Wrestling
  26. Challenger
  27. City Connection
  28. Slalom
  29. F-1 Race (Barely playable on EmuVT. The PRG data takes up 32k instead of 16k for unknown reasons)
  30. Galaxian (The PRG data takes up 32k instead of 16k for unknown reasons)
  31. Zippy Race
  32. Formation Z (The PRG data takes up 32k instead of 16k for unknown reasons)
  33. Super Mario Bros.
  34. B-Wings
  35. Arkanoid
  36. Gyrodine
  37. Tengen Tetris
  38. Hyper Olympic (Controls don't work on EmuVT)
  39. Sonson
  40. Soccer
  41. Xevious
  42. Spartan X (Kung Fu with glitched scrolling)
  43. BPS Tetris
  44. Dynamite Bowl (Music plays much slower than normal)
  45. Galaga
  46. Circus Charlie (Glitched scrolling)
  47. Road Fighter
  48. Pinball
  49. Duck
  50. Mighty Bomb Jack
  51. Magic Jewelry
  52. TwinBee
  53. Tank A 1990 (Battle City hack)
  54. Mr Mary (Mario Bros. title screen hack)
  55. Ice Climber
  56. Tennis
  57. Balloon Fight
  58. Baseball
  59. Nuts & Milk
  60. Gomoku Narabe Renju
  61. Urban Champion
  62. Clu Clu Land
  63. Brush Roller
  64. Devil World
  65. Warpman
  66. Duck Hunt
  67. Wild Gunman
  68. Hogan's Alley
  69. Othello (Bit Corp. version)
  70. Donkey Kong 3
  71. Golf
  72. Sky Destroyer
  73. Ninja Hattori-Kun
  74. Antarctic Adventure (Doesn't load on EmuVT)
  75. Penguin (Nuts & Milk hack)
  76. Lunar Ball (Lunar Pool)
  77. Door Door
  78. Donkey Kong
  79. Donkey Kong Jr.
  80. Dig Dug
  81. Dig Dug II
  82. Wrecking Crew
  83. Lode Runner
  84. Championship Lode Runner (Says Lode Runner on the title screen)
  85. Mappy
  86. Chack'n Pop
  87. Binary Land
  88. Popeye
  89. Star Force
  90. Super Arabian
  91. Exerion
  92. Excitebike (Logo replaced with plain text)
  93. BurgerTime (Doesn't load on EmuVT)
  94. UFO Race (F-1 Race hack)
  95. Xevious (Repeat, sans copyright)
  96. Yie Ar Kung-Fu
  97. Pac-Man
  98. Raid on Bungeling Bay
  99. Bomberman
  100. Pooyan
  101. Space Invaders
  102. Field Combat
  103. Hyper Olympic (Repeat)
  104. Joust
  105. Front Line (Glitched scrolling)


  • The menu screen is very similar to the one used in the OneStation's 99-in-1 multicarts, except without an intro screen and the background colour being black instead of blue. The music is also different and only 10 games are displayed on each page because the text is 16x16 pixels in size.
  • PPU and PRO files of all 105 games and the menu listed can be found in the C-Compiler folder of the OneBus kit.
  • There's an alternative version which all games are displayed as "001" on the menu and the menu will crash after navigating the 101th game.