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This Cartridge is a multicart for the Game Boy Advance. It uses PocketNES v9.9


Name On Cartridge Real Name and if clone or not Platform Language
Hudson's Advisl 3 Adventure Island 3 NES English
Contra Contra NES English
RXHPUS Renegade NES English
Megaman1 Mega Man NES English
Commando Senjō no Ōkami (Japanese)

Commando (English)

Famicom Japanese
Super Mario Bros Super Mario Bros. NES English
Badmiton Super Dynamix Badminton NES English
Keroppi's Big Kero Keroppi's Big Adventure (English) NES English
Buraifig BuraiFighter NES English
Zhon Guo Xiang Qi Chess (?) Famicom Japanese
Bird Week Bird Week Famicom English
Field Combat Field Combat Famicom English
Formation Z Formation Z Famicom English
Galaga Galaga NES English
Bomber Man Bomberman NES English
Pooyan Pooyan Famicom English
warehn18 Warehouse No. 18

Sokoban clone

NES Russian
Binary Land Binary land Famicom English
Brush Roller Brush Roller

Pacman clone

NES English
Burger Time BurgerTime NES English
Mario Bros Mario Bros. NES English
Zippy Race Zippy Race NES English
Tennis Tennis NES English
battle city Battle City Famicom English
Space Invaders SPACE INVADERS NES English
Pinball Pinball NES English
Pacman PAC-MAN NES English
Millipede Millipede NES English
Yie Ar Kung Fu Yie Ar Kung Fu Famicom English
10-yard Fight 10-yard fight Famicom English
Antarctic Adven Antarctic Adventure Famicom English
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong NES English
Donkey Kong JR Donkey Kong Jr. NES English
Balloon Fight Balloon Fight NES English
Popeye Popeye NES English
Pyramid Pyramid NES English
Night Arrow Night Arrow Famicom English
Gomuku Narabe Gomuki Narabe Famicom Japanese
Circus Charlie Circus Charlie NES English
Bungeling Bay Raid On Bungeling Bay NES English
Ice Climber Ice Climbers NES English
Jewelry Magic Jewelry NES English
Lunar Ball Lunar Ball NES English
Lode Runner Lode Runner NES English
Yousai - Macross Yousai - Macross Famicom Japanese
Dig Dug DIG DUG NES English
Donkey Kong 3 Donkey Kong 3 NES English
Baseball Baseball NES English
F-1 Race F-1 Race NES English