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11-in-1 Ball Series is a pirate multicart for Famicom, released throughout the 1990s by J.Y. Company.


This multicart is notable being a sports compilation, as well as being one of the first known cartridges published by J.Y. Company.

The menu engine is the same as the one used in Kaiser 20-in-1, or Super Cartridge 20-in-1, where the game are attributed a letter from A to K, as well as Bub from Bubble Bobble moving across the screen, shooting bubbles.

Game list[]

  1. Soccer Ball [Soccer]
  2. Volley Ball [Volleyball]
  3. Base Ball [Baseball]
  4. Lunar Ball
  5. Golf Ball [Golf]
  6. Tennis
  7. Paddle [Smash Ping Pong] (FDS port)
  8. Bowlball [Dynamite Bowl]
  9. Pinball
  10. FYard Fight [10 Yard Fight]
  11. 1M Game [Double Dribble]


  • It's not entirely known when this multicart was first released, but the earliest known version is from 1990. This multicart was re-released several times, with the year being edited on the label. The only real difference is the year of release. The version of multicart on all these releases seems to be the same. Another difference is that the back label with the list of games for some of those versions is also different.

The known versions to exist are:

  • "1990" - Seems to be earliest version of the multicart
  • "1992" - Commonly found in Argentina. It started to get copies all over the place from that one, originally published by JY also.
  • "1993" - Commonly found in Russia, mostly on pirate carts, shaped like official Jaleco Famicom carts from 1990s, with "TV GAME CARTRIDGE" written on the shell.
  • "1994"
  • "1994 JY-010"
  • "1995"
  • "1996"
  • "1997"
  • "1997 JY-011"
  • "SuperBoy"

JY Ball Series[]

JY Ball Series 18-in-1 is an updated version of the 11-in-1 made in 1997 by J.Y. Company. It features 7 more games with a slightly updated menu.

Game List[]

  1. Double Dribble
  2. Blades of Steel
  3. Side Pocket
  4. Super Soccer Champion [Exciting Soccer] (FDS port)
  5. Bowlball [Dynamite Bowl]
  6. Golf Ball [Golf]
  7. Naughty Ball [Penguin-Kun Wars]
  8. Volley Ball [Volleyball]
  9. Pinball
  10. Baseball
  11. Lot Lot
  12. Paddle - [Smash Ping Pong] (FDS port)
  13. Badminton [Super Dyna'mix Badminton]
  14. FYard Fight [10-Yard Fight]
  15. Soccer
  16. Tennis
  17. Balloon Fight
  18. Steel Ball [Pachi Com]

Gallery (Variations of multicart)[]