15-in-1 Mega Collection
Menu screen
Publisher Image
Developer Various
Original developer Various
Console PC Engine
Date 1992
Alternate names/hacks Backtracking Ten Years

The 15-in-1 Mega Collection (also with the subtitle Backtracking Ten Years) is a unlicensed multiHuCARD released for NEC's PC Engine. It contains fifteen games, all Commodore VIC 20 ports.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The HuCARD has the following games:

  1. Chess II
  2. Choplifter
  3. Gridrunner
  4. Jelly Monsters
  5. Money Wars
  6. Mutant Herd
  7. Omega Race
  8. Poker
  9. Radar Ratrace
  10. Seawolf
  11. Shamus
  12. Submarine Commander
  13. Super Lander
  14. Super Slot
  15. Star Battle
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