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The 150 in 1 Real Game is a multicart that only works on some famiclones and needs to be modified to work on an original Famicom.


This multicart is 16 megabytes in size, one of the largest available at the time of its release (it has since been surpassed by 32, 64 and 128 MB cartridges).

8 of the games are repeats or hacks of other games included. Some games give the player additional lives and some games give the player less lives. All of the 128k games (except for Ninja Crusaders) are MMC3 conversions of UNROM games and several of the larger games are converted from MMC1.

Pressing 'A' or 'B' will take the player to the next/previous menu screen. There is no way to skip several screens at once.

Similar to some later Waixing games and early high-capacity multicarts, it does not work on a real Famicom or its hardware clones. However, this is due to a problem with the PCB design and can be modified to work. It will work without modification on most NES-on-a-Chip clones.

The name on its cover is 合金装备 (Héjīn zhuāngbèi), which is the Chinese name for Metal Gear (although Metal Gear is not among the included games). The cover image is taken from Hellgate: London and has nothing to do with the games on the cartridge.

List of Games[]

  1. Contra (US version) (12-in-1 menu for stage, weapon and lives selection)
  2. Super Contra (JPN version of Super C) (20-in-1 menu for stage, weapon and lives selection)
  3. Contra Force
  4. Super Contra 7
  5. Rough World (JPN version of Journey to Silius)
  6. Final Mission (JPN version of S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team)
  7. Kage (JPN version of Shadow of the Ninja)
  8. Probotector II: Return of the Evil Forces (PAL version of Super C) (Repeat of #2)
  9. Nakajima Satoru: F-1 Hero (JPN version of Michael Andretti's World GP)
  10. Defenders of Dynatron City
  11. Werewolf: The Last Warrior
  12. Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone (JPN version of Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones)
  13. Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six (Intermission screens removed)
  14. Bubble Bobble Part 2 (JPN version, starts with 20 lives)
  15. Fighting Road
  16. The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends
  17. Fire 'n Ice (US version of Solomon's Key 2)
  18. Bad Dudes
  19. Mission: Impossible
  20. Pokemon Blue (Graphical hack of Wacky Races)
  21. Guevara (JPN version of Guerrilla War)
  22. Donald Land
  23. Super Mario Bros. (Level select enabled)
  24. Fighting Road (Repeat of #15)
  25. Super Bros. 6 (Graphical hack of Tiny Toon Adventures)
  26. Super Mario World 9 (Graphical hack of Adventure Island II)
  27. Super Mario 10 (Graphical hack of Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu)
  28. Super Mario 14 (Graphical hack of Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 3: Taiketsu! Zouringen)
  29. Super Mario 16 (Graphical hack of Joe & Mac)
  30. Dr. Mario
  31. Mario Bros.
  32. Takahashi Meijin no Bōken Jima (JPN version of Adventure Island)
  33. Mario is Missing!
  34. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
  35. Super Popo's Adventure
  36. The Hulk (Graphical hack of Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu) (Repeat of #27)
  37. Pokemon Silver (Graphical hack of Pajama Hero Nemo)
  38. Juuouki (Extra health)
  39. Galaxy 5000
  40. Golgo 13 Episode 2: The Riddle of Icarus (JPN version of The Mafat Conspiracy)
  41. Snow Bros.
  42. Probotector II: Return of the Evil Forces (PAL version of Super C) (Repeat of #2)
  43. Harry Story (Graphical hack of Panic Restaurant)
  44. The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants
  45. The Lord of King (JPN version of Astyanax)
  46. Heavy Barrel (JPN version)
  47. Bucky O'Hare (JPN version, hard mode only)
  48. Ninja Crusaders (JPN version)
  49. Double Dribble
  50. Rolling Thunder
  51. Life Force
  52. The Little Mermaid (8-in-1 menu for level, power and lives selection)
  53. Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2
  54. Arugosu no Senshi (JPN version of Rygar)
  55. Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun (JPN version of Renegade)
  56. Side Pocket
  57. Friday the 13th
  58. Zanac (Starts with 15 lives)
  59. Musashi no Ken: Tadaima Shugyou Chuu
  60. Bandai Golf: Challenge Pebble Beach (Crashes midgame)
  61. Castle Excellent (JPN version of Castlequest)
  62. Tiger-Heli (JPN version, glitchy graphics)
  63. Dropzone
  64. Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum
  65. Egypt
  66. Alpha Mission
  67. Milon's Secret Castle
  68. Monster Truck Rally
  69. Track & Field
  70. Battletank
  71. Aladdin III (Title screen hack of Magic Carpet 1001)
  72. Dynamite Bowl
  73. Battleship
  74. Mickey Mousecapade (US version)
  75. Quarth
  76. John Elway's Quarterback
  77. Karate Champ
  78. King's Knight (JPN version)
  79. Minna no Taabou no Nakayoshi Daisakusen
  80. Nagagutsu o Haita Neko: Sekai Isshuu 80 Nichi Daibouken
  81. Baltron
  82. Mach Rider
  83. Onyanko Town
  84. Gyromite
  85. Geimos
  86. Hydlide Special (JPN version of Hydlide)
  87. Star Luster
  88. Exed Exes
  89. Pac-Land
  90. Thexder
  91. The Tower of Druaga
  92. Ninja Hattori-kun: Ninja wa Shuugyou Degogiru no Maki (0 lives)
  93. TwinBee (Glitchy graphics in level 4)
  94. Front Line
  95. Elevator Action
  96. Sqoon
  97. Slalom
  98. Fire Dragon
  99. Tetris: The Soviet Mind Game
  100. 1942
  101. Lot Lot
  102. Fish War (Repeat – Graphical hack of #142 – Balloon Fight)
  103. Mighty Bomb Jack (JPN version)
  104. Spelunker (0 lives)
  105. Gyrodine
  106. Magmax
  107. B-Wings
  108. Tag Team Pro Wrestling (JPN version of Tag Team Wrestling)
  109. Wrecking Crew
  110. Spartan X (JPN version of Kung Fu)
  111. Arkanoid
  112. Dig Dug II (JPN version of Dig Dug II: Trouble in Paradise)
  113. Astro Robo Sasa
  114. SonSon
  115. Onyanko Town (Repeat of #83)
  116. Xevious
  117. Soccer
  118. Challenger
  119. Blob Buster (Repeat - Graphical hack of #112 – Dig Dug II)
  120. Little Red Hood
  121. Cardcaptor Sakura (Repeat – Graphical hack of #91 – The Tower of Druaga)
  122. Pac-Man
  123. Donkey Kong
  124. Dig Dug
  125. Bomberman (JPN version)
  126. Stargate (JPN version of Defender II)
  127. Magic Jewelry
  128. Star Force (JPN version)
  129. Galaga
  130. Space Invaders
  131. Exerion
  132. Binary Land
  133. Lode Runner (JPN version)
  134. Ninja-kun: Majou no Bouken
  135. Antarctic Adventure
  136. Sky Destroyer
  137. Excitebike
  138. Brush Roller
  139. Ice Climber (JPN version)
  140. Choujikuu Yousai Macross
  141. Donkey Kong Jr.
  142. Balloon Fight
  143. Super Arabian
  144. Millipede
  145. Gomoku Narabe Renju
  146. Field Combat
  147. Donkey Kong 3
  148. Mappy
  149. Popeye
  150. Orchard Kavass (Port of Intellivision's Buzz Bombers by Nice Code Software)



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