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The 190-in-1 is a multicart possibly developed by Supervision and features a hacked version of Magic Jewelry.


Despite the multicarts' claim, only 42 games are actually included. The menu system is unorthodox, with the first 15 games on the first page leading to the other pages which can be accessed by pressing the Select button. Like some Supervision multicarts, the menu music is taken from Booby Kids. The graphics are taken from the Magic Jewelry hack that's included among the games.

Unlike most multicarts where the repeats have random letters added on to the end, this multicart uses alternate names such as Luigi Bros. and Zero Wing. (The latter of which is not the Sega Mega Drive game of the same name) The memory is likely all stored in PRG format, as the games take about 3 seconds to load when picked.

List of Games[]

Games 43-190 are omitted from this list because they are repeats. Real game names are listed in brackets.

  1. New Type [Shin Jinrui: The New Type (Adventures of Dino Riki)]
  2. Atlantis [Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima (Adventure Island)]
  3. Legend [The Legend of Kage]
  4. Jewelry (Hack of Magic Jewelry)
  5. Tetris (Tengen version, says 1990 New Game on the title screen)
  6. Super Mario (The title is missing)
  7. Bomb Man [Bomberman]
  8. 1942
  9. Twin Bee
  10. Battle City (The hacks of this have different names on the title screen)
  11. Ice Climber
  12. Pack Man [PAC-MAN]
  13. Star Force
  14. Galaza [Galaga] (The logo is missing, the player's shots are sped up and the hacks of this change the graphics and in some cases, slow the bullets down to normal speed)
  15. Galaxian
  16. Wild Gunman
  17. Duck Hunt
  18. Hogans Alley
  19. Pin Ball [Pinball]
  20. Circus [Circus Charlie]
  21. Kung-Fu [Yie Ar Kung-Fu]
  22. Exerion (The player starts with 32 single shots instead of 50)
  23. Macross [Choujikuu Yousai Macross]
  24. Popeye
  25. MAPPY
  26. Mario Bros (Says Mr Mary on the title screen)
  27. Formation Z
  28. Arabian [Super Arabian]
  29. Execitebike [Excitebike]
  30. Zippy Race
  31. Base Ball
  32. Lode Runner [Championship Lode Runner]
  33. Lunar Ball
  34. Kingkong Jr [Donkey Kong Jr.]
  35. Kingkong Sr [Donkey Kong 3]
  36. Balloon [Balloon Fight]
  37. Golf
  38. ET [SPACE INVADERS] (Says Super ET on the title screen after the "Play Space Invaders" screen appears)
  39. Burger Time
  40. Donkey Kong
  41. Pooyan
  42. Sky Destroy [Sky Destroyer]