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1945K III (also called 1945KIII) is a scrolling shooter arcade game. It was developed and published by the Korean developer Oriental Soft and Team Muhaha in 2000.

An earlier revision of the game, Solite Spirits, was published by Promat in 1999. Despite the rebrand and publisher change, references to Solite Spirits remain in 1945K III, right down to the Promat copyright in the staff roll.


1945K III is a standard shoot-em-up game with choice of nine planes (plus one secret, available through the random select option) available to the player. There are seven stages (six in Solite Spirits) available. It should be noted that in both games, the stage designs are completely different.


  • The game was inspired by Strikers 1945 2, as shown in the credits.
    • It is possible that the game might have been rebranded from Solite Spirits to 1945K III in order to leech the success of the Strikers 1945 series.
  • As the title suggest this was the "sequel" to the second 1945K game, though there was never a 1945KI or 1945KII. This was also evidenced in the credits.
  • One of the sound effects appears to be that of buster charging sound effect used in Mega Man X series.