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1990 Super Bros. 4 is a hack of the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 (a.k.a. The Lost Levels).


The cartridge's label artwork is based on the Japanese version of Super Mario World (which, coincidentally, came out in 1990). Not only is the artwork similar (with the notable exception of Mario himself), but the Japanese version of Super Mario World carried the subtitle of "Super Mario Bros. 4" on its label, which is copied here by the "SUPER BROS. 4" text.


The game is largely identical to the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2. Aside from an edited title screen, some of the graphics were changed; the graphics were reused from Super Mario Bros. 3, although some sprites are custom. Some of the power-ups have a different use: a Super Mushroom turns Mario into Fire Mario, and a Starman allows Mario to swim in the air.


  • 921001 is written on the PCB, which is possibly the date when the board's design was finalized: January 10, 1992. Most of the parts inside the cart have date codes from 1992 as well, further suggesting a release during that year.
  • In an issue of Club Nintendo México (an official Nintendo magazine), a reader asked if a game they saw was "Super Mario Bros. 4", with a description very similar to 1990 Super Bros. 4 (see third photo below).