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1996 English CAI 3-in-1 (1996 英語 CAI 3合1) is an "educational computer" Famicom multicart, released in 1996 by Waixing Computer & Technology (which is also credited under the "ESC" name). It is the follow-up to Primary School Mathematics CAI.


The multicart features three games/programs:

  • Middle School English Computer Bank/English Exercise Library (中学英语题库) - A series of English problems, such as filling in the blank word/phrase in a passage and selecting what word has a different pronunciation. The menu features a graphic of what appears to be Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service.
  • Whiz Kid Magic Wand (神童魔棒) - Based on a preexisting table game (English name unknown) where the player must rearrange sticks in a certain position, based on a riddle at the top of the screen. The player is represented as Pac-Man leaning on a tree, with two squirrels watching the playfield; the squirrels "dance" to the music, alternating animation frames per every note of the song.
  • Music Appreciation (音乐欣赏) - A compilation of ten songs; the player can adjust the volume and tone of each song. The game features a large graphic of a cat playing drums, who resembles Sylvester from Looney Tunes (albeit with a green nose).


  • The latter two games in the list are coded the same way as NROM/"mapper 0" Famicom/NES games. This - while standard for actual NES titles - is somewhat unconventional by "educational computer" standards, which often use more customized formats.
  • The Pac-Man graphic is modeled after the artwork on the back cover to Namco Museum Vol. 1 (specifically the U.S. release).