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2-in-1 Street Dance + Hit Mouse
2 in 1's menu screen.
Developer Nice Code Software/Inventor
Console Famicom
Date 2008
Engine Metro16-like engine
Sound engine Avilon

2-in-1 Street Dance + Hit Mouse is a pirate multicart for the Famicom, distributed in 2008. It was bundled with a dance mat.


Hit Mouse

Hit Mouse is a basic whack-a-mole style game featuring three enemy types; blue mice, purple mice and grass. the game is controlled with the D-Pad and each stage lasts for 60 seconds.

Street Dance

Street Dance is a DDR style music game and a revised version of Inventor's game of the same name. The title screen was taken from the Music Video of Venga Boys' Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! The 2008 version uses Avilon sound engine (same as in Sharp X68000 games) instead of Sunsoft sound engine used in first version of the game to play PCM music.

The songs included on the cartridge are:

  • Boom Boom Dollar ("Boom Boom Dollars (Red Monster Mix (as youtube bots think it is))" by King Kong & D Jungle Girls)
  • Boys ("Boys" by
  • Bad Wei ("5, 6, 7, 8" by Steps)
  • Rap House ("Kick Da Vibe" by Rat House)
  • Dub I Dub ("Dub I Dub" by ME&MY)
  • Spaish Dance ("El Baile del Pescado" by Aldo Ranks)
  • Hero ("Hero" by Miss Papaya)
  • Butterfly ("Butterfly" by, composed by Vladimir Šimunek)
  • Barbie Girl ("Barbie Girl" by Aqua)
  • The Rhythm of the Night ("The Rhythm of the Night" by Corona)
  • Get Ready For This ("Get Ready For This" by 2Unlimited)
  • Two Times ("Two Times" by Ann Lee)