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The 2004 New 8 in 1 is a multicart made for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis by an unknown company, possibly in 2003 or 2004 as its label implies.

As most other multicarts, the label is made up of cover art of the included games, and when playing them all their copyright claims have been removed/blacked out.

More than half the games included (5 out of 8) are developed by Sega itself, and no games were originally released after 1993.


Menu Title (Actual title)

  1. SUNSET RIDERS (Sunset Riders, by Konami)
  2. DICK TRACY (Dick Tracy, by Sega)
  3. SHADOW DANCER (Shadow Dancer, by Sega)
  4. ESWAY (Cyber Police ESWAT, by Sega)
  5. SHINOBI (The Revenge of Shinobi, by Sega)
  6. AFTER BURNER (After Burner II, by Sega)
  7. CHASE HQ 2 (Chase H.Q. II, by Taito)
  8. ROBOCOP 3 (Robocop 3, by Flying Edge / Eden Entertainment Software)


Title screens[]

Up, Down, Left, Right navigate through the list and Start selects the game.

Cartridge, PCB, and label[]

Note: the tape in the holes of the plastic bracket is not from the factory.


8in1 ABII Logo

The covered Sega logo in After Burner II.


  • The games cannot be selected with 6-button controllers (even in 3-button mode), because otherwise the game selection menu seems to recognize every button except Start - which coincidentally is the only one that can be used to start the selected game. All the games seem to work fine with the 6-button controller though, except for Sunset Riders (which requires at least the 3-button mode - it has some documented issues regarding two-player operation).
  • In After Burner II, the "Sega Enterprise" logo on the aircraft carrier at the beginning of the first stage is partly covered by grey tiles, leaving just the "Enterprise" word.


  • The "game covers" on the cartridge label are (poorly) custom made, except for the Dick Tracy, Chase H.Q. II and Robocop 3 ones which likely use existing material.
  • The image used for the ESWAT cover on the label is completely unrelated to the actual game, depicting a soldier in the desert when the actual protagonist of the game is a robot police officer.


  • The back of the shell features all the text included in a normal Mega Drive cartridge (including the Sega logo and "Made In Japan"), and remarkably doesn't have any typos, even down to the various patents' numbers.
  • The "screws" in the back shell are just part of the plastic mold.
  • The main PCB is so small that it had to be attached to a piece of plastic to be aligned with the shell posts that hold the circuit in place. (See photos)