A photo of the console.

The 200 Toy Steering Wheel is a Plug & Play by 200 Toy Inc. consisting of bootlegged racing games originally ported to the NES. This device is mounted on a steering wheel and has buttons embedded in it.

Games Edit

(The first and last three games are bootlegged versions of F-1 Race.)

  1. Formula 1 Racing
  2. Formula 1 Racing II
  3. Formula 1 Racing III
  4. Highway Battle (Road Fighter)
  5. Speed Rider (Mach Rider)
  6. Burning Rubber (Motorace USA / Zippy Race)
  7. Leaping Drive (Bump 'N Jump)
  8. Road Battle (City Connection)
  9. Great Racing
  10. Great Racing II
  11. Great Racing III

Gallery Edit

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