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A photo of the console.

The 200 Toy Steering Wheel is a Plug & Play by 200 Toy Inc. consisting of bootlegged racing games originally ported to the NES. This device is mounted on a steering wheel and has buttons embedded in it.


(The first and last three games are bootlegged versions of F-1 Race.)

  1. Formula 1 Racing
  2. Formula 1 Racing II
  3. Formula 1 Racing III

These three games are color and background scenery hacks of the popular F1 Race, adding a landscape of tall city buildings, bushes, and a hedge. Formula 1 Racing II and III are actually just Skill Levels II and III from the original game, meaning that picking Formula 1 Racing I, II or III is essentially just choosing which skill level to play.

4. Highway Battle

A hack of Road Fighter which changes the sprites of the. Your car has more of a rounded design and the cars have been transformed to resemble something like spaceships, and rather than fuel, the player collects "food" during the stage.

5. Speed Rider

Aside from some minor color variations, this bootleg of Mach Rider adds horned shoulder pads to the main character's sprite. However, the "course design" mode is missing entirely from the game.

6. Burning Rubber

Described on the title screen as Burning Rubber 3, this is Zippy Race / Moto Race USA, with a palette swap.

7. Leaping Drive

This is Bump 'N Jump, with the sprites hacked to be smaller. They shake back and forth slightly during gameplay, creating a somewhat disorienting control experience. The hit detection is affected because of this, making it difficult to avoid collisions.

8. Road Battle

A mostly unchanged version of City Connection. The differences lie in the title screen, which uses a screenshot from the Back To The Future game. The music has been corrupted, and only plays normally if a button on the directional pad is held down.

9. Great Racing

10. Great Racing II

11. Great Racing III

Three more hacks of F1 Race, slightly modified from the other hacks. The background is again a well-drawn city landscape, appearing more distant than the background from Formula 1 Racing.

The video link here, featuring Rerez (Shane Luis) talks about the 200 Toy in-depth, showing gameplay and differences between original and bootleg versions.