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24 in 1 is a Famicom multicart released possibly in 1999 which features 23 unique games.

It's notable for containing Waixing's Super Contra 8 alongside regular Famicom games (nearly all of them with copyrights removed).

The label has has holographic foil over it like most far eastern releases, and it features artwork from Super Mario 64, Galaxian (presumably from another pirate release), a photo of a Formula 1 racecar, a 3D rendering of a tank and artwork with the text "NEW Contra" (possibly from another unlicensed release as well).


All games have their copyrights removed unless noted.

Game Menu entry Modifications Hack of
1 Super Contra 8 CONTRA 8 Original copyrights included. Super Contra 7
2 Super Mario Bros. SUPER MARIO Game title removed.
3 World Soccer 98 WORLD SOCCER 98 Game title altered ("World 98 Soccer"). Soccer
4 Road Fighter ROAD FIGHTER
5 F-1 Race F1 RACE
6 Battle City TANK
7 Duck Hunt DUCK HUNT Clay Shoot mode removed.
8 Wild Gunman WILD GUNMAN
9 Yie-Ar Kung Fu KONG FU
10 Galaxian GALAXIAN
11 Wrestle WRESTLE Game title altered ("Wrestle"). M.U.S.C.L.E.
12 Karateka KARATEKA
13 Excitebike EXECITE BIKE
14 Sky Destroyer SKY DESTROYER
15 Lode Runner LODE RUNNER
16 Pinball PIN BALL Title screen entirely removed.
17 Tennis TENNIS
18 Ice Climber ICE CLIMBER Game title removed.
19 Circus Charlie CIRCUS
20 Star Force STAR FORCE Original copyrights included.
21 Donkey Kong 3 DONKEY KONG III Game title altered in-game only ("Gorilla 3").
22 Popeye POPEYE Title screen entirely removed.
23 Macross MACROSS C
24 Super Mario Bros. FANCY MARIO A Same as game n°2 except half of the background is offset.


  • The cartridge has two IDs: GD-24 on the front label, and NC-24 on the back label.
  • The back label refers to the cartridge as "24/800/8000/1000000 in 1", and the game titles are full of random spaces. (For example: WORLD S OC CER 98)
  • On the PCB, a set of possible switches can be found. It's possible that by connecting them the game number displayed on the menu could change according to the label (a common technique used by manufacturers to cut costs and release multiple different cartridges with the same PCB inside). Also, a 24 is handwritten on the board to distinguish it from the other variants.
  • Also on the PCB two sets of numbers can be found. The first, "860824" which is a Taiwanese datecode that can be translated to April 1996 (the last two digits appears to be an unique identifier, unrelated to the day of the month). The second, "BD.10.99" it's quite certainly a build date (of which "BD" is a possible acronym) of October 1999, confirming its possible release date.
  • On the back of the PCB, in the center near the pins, a small Taijitu (Yin Yang) like symbol can be found engraved on the circuit board, referring to a possible manufacturer.