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The 260 in 1 Multicart was released for the NES by Goldengame in the early 90's. It is somewhat notable for including most of Hwang Shinwei's games, many of which aren't known to have been released stand alone.


As with many multicarts, the number of games is exaggerated, actually containing 106 games, (which could still be considered a large amount for a pirated multicart) the rest being trainers for some of the games on the cart.

Unlike some multicarts which use standard PRG and CHR banks, (as do many NES/Famicom games) this multicart has 4MB of PRG data and the graphics are stored in 8KB of VRAM. This allows for more games to be included, although because the graphics have to be loaded into the games, they have a noticeable delay when starting up or changing the PPU.

Variations of this multicart exist, namely, the 150-in-1 and 210-in-1, which contain fewer games.

List of Games[]

Note that games 107-260 were omitted from the list because they're trainers for other games.

# Name Title Notes
1 Tetris 1 BPS Tetris
2 Tetris 2 Tengen's Tetris
3 Tetris 3 3D Block by Hwang Shinwei
4 Tetris 4 Flipull: An Exciting Cube Game
5 Tetris 5 Quarth
6 Tetris 6 Puzznic
7 Tetris 7 Dr. Mario Mario is completely colored blue with no mustache, and the logos are removed.
8 Tetris 8 Magic Jewelry II by Hwang Shinwei
9 Ms. Pacman Tengen version
10 Mr. Pacman I PAC-MAN
11 Mr. Pacman II PAC-LAND
12 Mr. Pacman III PAC-MANIA
14 Gradius - Title crashes on the Moai level.
15 Adv. Island Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima, AKA Adventure Island
16 New Type Shin Jinrui: The New Type
17 Arkanoid -
18 Paperboy - Says Paperguy on the title screen.
19 Star Soldr Star Soldier
20 Tank City Battle City
21 Mr. Mario I Mario Bros. Says Mr Mary on the title screen.
22 Mr. Mario II Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan) graphics, the logo is missing.
23 Smoke Car BB Car by Hwang Shinwei
24 Xcite Bike Excitebike
25 Zippy Race -
26 Road Fight Road Fighter
27 City Cnnct City Connection
28 F1 Race -
29 X1 Race F18 Race by Hwang Shinwei
30 Magmax -
31 Wars Penguin-Kun Wars
32 Golf -
33 Tennis -
34 Soccer -
35 Pooyan -
36 Balloon Balloon Fight
37 Pin Ball -
38 Base Ball -
39 Lunar Ball -
40 Yard Fight 10-Yard Fight
41 Formation Z -
42 Formation II Volguard II
43 1942 -
44 B-Wing B-Wings
45 Xevious
46 Gyrodine
47 Destroyer Sky Destroyer
48 Choplifter Raid on Bungeling Bay
49 Star Force
50 Star Gate
51 Exerion
52 Macross Choujikuu Yousai Macross
53 Warpman
54 Combat Field Combat
55 Galaza Galaga
56 Galaxians Galaxian
57 Twine Bee TwinBee
59 Front Line -
60 Milli Pede Millipede
61 Lode Runr I Lode Runner
62 Lode Runr II Championship Lode Runner
63 Dig Dug I DIG DUG
64 Dig Dug II -
65 Donky Kng I Donkey Kong
66 Donky Kng II Donkey Kong Jr.
67 Donky Kng III Donkey Kong 3 Says Monger 3 on the title screen.
68 Wrestle I Kinnikuman: Muscle Tag Match
69 Wrestle II Tag-Team Pro Wrestling
70 Ninja I Ninja-Kun: Majou no Bouken
71 Ninja II Ninja Jajamaru Kun
72 Ninja Fght Ikki
73 Urban Chmp Urban Champion
74 Karateka -
75 Spartanx Spartan X, known as Kung Fu in Western releases
76 Kung Fu Yie Ar Kung-Fu After a while, enemy graphics may corrupt and the title may also hang.
77 Ice Climb Ice Climber
78 Arabian Super Arabian
79 Popeye -
80 Antarctic Antarctic Adventure
81 Bomber Man -
82 Chackn Pop Chack'n Pop
83 Circus Circus Charlie
84 Burger BurgerTime
85 Nuts & Milk -
86 Door Door -
87 Wrech Crew Wrecking Crew
88 Brush Roll Brush Roller by Hwang Shinwei
89 Joust -
90 Mappy -
91 Binaryland Binary Land
92 Clucluland Clu Clu Land
93 Devilworld Devil World
94 Piano Piano by Hwang Shinwei
95 Punch Pipe Punch Sprite by Hwang Shinwei
96 Frog River Frogger clone by Hwang Shinwei
97 Wild Ball Magic Giral by Hwang Shinwei
98 Mahjong 2 Mahjong
99 Mahjong 4 4 Nin Uchi Mahjong
100 2 Turn Pair 2 Turn Pair by Hwang Shinwei
101 Five Chess Gomoku Narabe Renju
102 China Chess China Chess by Hwang Shinwei
103 Memory Pair Memory Pair by Hwang Shinwei
104 Duck Hunt -
105 Hogans All Hogan's Alley
106 Wildgunman Wild Gunman


  • Graphics on the menu are ripped from Adventure Island II, Hudson's Adventure Island, Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu, Little Nemo: The Dream Master and RoboCop 2. The music is also ripped from Hudson's Adventure Island.