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3-in-1 (VT-490) is a Famicom multicart containing three games, most notably Super Game's version of The Lion King.


The cartridge has a standard yellow shell with no writing on the back, and a Ka Sheng-styled label with art of the games on a random background, and additions like "SUPER" and "1998" added for good measure.

Jurassic Park features art for its sequel The Lost World, and Tiny Toon 4 features art of regular Bugs Bunny, which is fitting since the game included is nothing more than a title hack of Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout.


The cartridge, as its name implies, contains three games:

  1. Lionking (Super Lion King, by Super Game)
  2. Jurassic Park (by Ocean Software)
  3. Tiny Toon 4 (Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout, by Kemco)





  • The Ocean logo sprites in the intro and title screen have been replaced with scrambled T. rex graphics from the game, probably to remove the original creator's logo or to save memory.
  • Since Jurassic Park is dated 1993, Tiny Toon 4 is dated 1995, and Super Lion King could have been released as late as early 1996, the actual ROM possibly originates from late '96/early '97.
  • The board's ID is 1998VT92050, and has a "06" handwritten on it. It also seems to feature some jumpers on the right side to possibly change between games/menus, but they seem to have no effect.