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The 31-in-1 is a multicart for the Famicom that was commonly found at Midnight Videos throughout New Brunswick, Canada during the early 90s, possibly developed by Supervision or Kaiser. Many versions exist, although all NES versions are just Famicom boards (or in some cases, the whole Famicom cartridge) attached to an adapter. The NES versions where entire Famicom cartridges are present usually have a ribbon coming out of the Famicom-to-NES adapter. The slightly rarer versions that pack the guts of an adapter and the Famicom board into a traditional NES cartridge has no ribbon.

Of note, this multicart is one of the most common multicarts in North America.


This multicart contains 31 games, sometimes rebranded as something else. The menu borrows elements from the Famicom Disk System BIOS and music from Booby Kids.

List of Games[]

  1. Merry 2 (Super Mario Bros. with the logo replaced)
  2. Merry 1 (Mario Bros, says Mr Mary on the title screen.)
  3. Kung Fu (Yie Ar Kung-Fu)
  4. Circus (Circus Charlie, says Circus Troupe on the title screen)
  5. Exerion
  6. Ice Man (Ice Climber)
  7. Balloon (Balloon Fight)
  8. Macross (Choujikuu Yousai Macross)
  9. Arabian (Super Arabian)
  10. Popeye
  11. Tennis
  12. Galaga
  13. Zinja (Ikki)
  14. Mappy (Title screen is slightly glitched)
  15. Baseball
  16. Pack Man (PAC-MAN, says Goblin on the title screen)
  17. Wrestle (Kinnikuman: Muscle Tag Match)
  18. Champion (Urban Champion)
  19. Galaxian (Logo replaced with plain text)
  20. Karateka
  21. Pin Ball (Pinball)
  22. Sky Force (Sky Destroyer)
  23. Dajingang 1 (Donkey Kong)
  24. Five Chess (Gomoku Narabe Renju)
  25. Lunar Ball
  26. Road Fight (Road Fighter)
  27. Excitebike (Says Motorcycle Match on the title screen)
  28. Zippy Race
  29. Formation Z
  30. Star Force
  31. Battle City


  • There is unused graphics that read "徐信麒", or Xu Xinqi, probably one of the developers of this.