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3D Maze Man: Amazing Adventures is a Pac-Man clone developed by Webfoot Technologies and published by eGames and RomTech under the brand Galaxy Software in 1998.


The game itself plays very similarly to Pac-Mania. You play as the titular 3D Maze Man as you eat all the objects on the stage while avoiding ghosts and obstacles such as spikes. Just like Pac-Mania, you can jump to avoid enemies on the stage. But unlike Pac-Mania, it has 9 worlds instead of 4 which are themed around different places of the world. The 9 worlds are Under The Sea, Wild West, Tropical Island, Toyland, Medieval Castle, Hyper Space, Haunted House, Flower Garden and Egyptian Pyramids. Before you enter a world, you start at a hub world where you select one of the game’s 9 worlds.

Legal Issues[]

In 2000, Hasbro Interactive along with Atari took legal action against several publishers (including eGames) of various rip-offs of video games properties. 3D Maze Man was cited as one of the infringing games. They eventually got into a settlement where they had to take the game off store shelves. After this, they continued making rip-offs but much less blatantly.


Various alternate version of the game were made before and after the lawsuit. Most of these were made to make the game legally distinct enough to still be sold.

3D Maze Man: Winter Wonderland[]

A basic Christmas-themed version of the original game that features new levels, but only a single world and an extra track

3D Ms. Maze: Tropical Adventures[]

A “sequel” to the original game replacing 3D Maze Man with a female version called 3D Ms. Maze

Cruncher in Mazeland[]

Simply replaces 3D Maze Man with a robot named Cruncher and the ghosts with evil robots

Lady Cruncher[]

Does the same as the previous but with 3D Ms. Maze

3-D Frog Man/3D Frog Feast/Froggies[]

All versions change 3D Maze Man into a Frog.


  • This game was released alongside other clones such 3D Brick Bustin’
  • Around the early 2010s other games by the developer were ported to mobile devices. It is unknown if 3D Maze Man was one of them.
  • Another version known as 3D Munch Man II is known to be released in Russia but is mostly unknown.
  • The game’s soundtrack was made by Ariel Gross who had his start with Webfoot Technologies when he was 16 and eventually worked on several AAA games.