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The 400-in-1 is a multicart for the NES/Famicom, made by an unknown company.


This multicart contains 12 games. This multicart is almost certainly by the same company that made the 700-in-1, using the same font and a similar menu system. Like the 260-in-1, all of the data is stored as PRG and the graphics are loaded via VRAM. The graphics and music on the menu are original.

List of Games[]

Real game names and other information pointed out in brackets. Games 13-400 are all repeats.

  1. Tetris 1P (Tengen Tetris. Says 1990 New Game on the title screen and only 1-player mode is available without going through the repeats)
  2. Contra
  3. Northern (Cut-down version of Hokuto no Ken. Some of the graphics are glitchy and all of the levels use the same music)
  4. Tank 1992 (Battle City)
  5. Super Mario (The logo is different and the player can start anywhere on World 1)
  6. Milk Nuts (Nuts & Milk)
  7. Duck Hunt
  8. Wild Gunman
  9. Hogans Alley
  10. Arkanoid
  11. Mighty Jack (Mighty Bomb Jack. The text graphics are slightly glitched and the player starts off with a seemingly unlimited amount of lives)
  12. Bomber Man