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The 5-in-1 Fami-Collection (with the subtitle NES-Collection NR 1 on the menu screen) is an unlicensed multicart released for the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16. As the name implies, it contains five games, all being NES ports. Another version with 6 different games, other than Super Mario Bros., called 6-in-1 Fami-Collection (with the subtitle NES-Collection NR 2) was released the same year.

List of games[]

  1. Donkey Kong 3
  2. Ice Climber
  3. Kung Fu (known as Spartan-X in Japan)
  4. Super Mario Bros.
  5. Pro Wrestling (Tag Team Pro Wrestling)

The 6-in-1 version has the following games:

  1. Arkanoid
  2. Battle City
  3. Mario Bros.
  4. Lode Runner
  5. Lode Runner Champ. (Championship Lode Runner)
  6. Super Mario Bros.


  • Super Mario Bros. is the only game that is forced to run in an NTSC console, rendering fast gameplay, and high pitched music. (It was based on the second PAL version that overcompensated the music speed).
  • The games in the 6-in-1 version retain the companies' copyright.
  • Due to both consoles using a 6502-compatible CPU, much of the code was left intact, with the obvious exception of graphics and sound routines.
  • It's very likely that this multicart was developed by the same people that made the 15-in-1 Mega Collection multicart, since they are so similar in menu design.