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6 in 1 (KY-6006) is a Famicom (Japanese version of NES) multicart with 6 playable games, most of which are sprite hacks replacing the main character.

When the cartridge is booted up, a menu screen with six games appears. The menu has a Famicom rendition of The Blue Danube Waltz playing, and the background picture has a grey sky, sandy brown mountains, a lake and green grass which looks similar to Duck Hunt's background.

Red, blue and clear balloons with various sizes float upwards from behind the mountain on the far right. The highlight cursor itself is a red balloon which animates whenever the cursor is moved to another game.

List of games[]

Most of the six games on the cartridge are just games with sprites replaced, but here is the list of games that can be found on this multicart:

  1. Spiderman 2
  2. Aladdin I
  3. WWF Pro Wrestling
  4. Digimon (Digi Monster II aka Digit Monster II)
  5. Powerpuff Girl (The Powerful Girl)
  6. Road Fighter

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