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777 Casino (夢幻水果盤 in Chinese) is an unlicensed casino game made by Gamtec for the Sega Mega Drive that was released in the 1990s.


The game's a fairly standard casino simulator; the player plays as either a man or a woman (or both players control each if playing 2-player) and the goal's to become a millionaire. The game features blackjack, slot machines, Texas Hold'Em, Xiao Mali (a genre of casino machines specific to Taiwan, and better known by a Famicom adaptation called Dian Shi Ma Li) and other such games along with some mini-games.

Nudity is rewarded after achieving a certain money milestone (except for slots and mini-games), but it is interesting in that it uses photo-realistic nude images of women rather than being anime-style like the rest of the game. The game also doesn't seem to use different images depending on the gender your character is.


  • This game utilizes copy protection. If a raw dump of the game (which is the case for the common ROM dump) is run on an emulator that doesn't emulate 777 Casino's protection scheme or on real hardware from anything other than an original cartridge (i.e., a flashcart), the game will crash after a certain point, making the game unplayable. There also seems to be region protection in original copies of the game, as the game will loop back to the title screen after the intro cutscene plays.
  • The anime art from the back of the box are taken from various Yui Toshiki H-mangas, such as the Hot Tails series.
  • A version of this game's title screen music would be featured in the Waixing VTxx plug and play game Stub Game, a hack of a game originally made by Nice Code Software named Goblet Tower.

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