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777 Lucky Bingo
777 幸運輪盤
Title screen (common version).
Publisher Sachen
Developer Sachen
Cart ID(s) SA-004
Console Famicom, NES
Date 1989
Alternate names/hacks 777 Lucky

777 Lucky Bingo (777 幸運輪盤) is a simple slot machine simulator made by Sachen in 1989.


The game has two rewarding pictures shown to the player when their gains reach some predefined levels. They both depict the same woman, the first has her wearing a white blouse, while she's naked in the second.


  • A Chinese version of the game with a different title screen should exist, like Bingo 75, but it has yet to be found on a cartridge.
  • This is one of the games developed by Hummer Cheng while he worked at Sachen.