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The Color GB 78 in 1 is a pirate multicart presumably from the year 2001 or soon after judging by the inclusion of a few games at the top of the game list that were released in 2001 which would've been very recent for the time. The cart was distributed under the "Game USA Color Advance" label.


The cartridge is black and is the size of regular Game Boy game. The front label shows a compilation of games included in the multicart alongside a header that reads "NO REPEAT 78 IN 1" and an ID "UC-78H01" with "Game USA Color Advance" being written vertically on the left side. "Nintendo GAME BOY TM" is imprinted at the top of the plastic casing. The back features the usual "MADE IN JAPAN" and "PAT. PEND" at the top. A Phillips screw holds the two sides of the plastic shell together.


The selection of a game is done via a simple-looking menu. It doesn't feature a background of any kind and besides a list of 12 games per page there's a header saying "COLOR 78 IN 1" in differently colored letters. No music is playing when browsing the menu and sound effects indicating button presses are also absent. The D-pad is used to navigate the menu while the B and A buttons advance to the next or revert to the previous page respectively. A game is booted up by pressing START.

List of Games[]

GBC 78-1menu

The first page of the menu

Most games on this multicart are licensed, English games though Japanese titles aren't uncommon either. Besides those, it also contains one bootleg hack and a few homebrew games from the late 90's. There's a total of 69 games on the cartridge, however, due to the odd spacing of the repeats and two separate blocks of alphabetically sorted games (13 to 32 and 33 to 66, with 36 and 58 being swapped), it is likely whoever put the games on this multicart simply drew from an existing repository and didn't notice the duplicates.

Below are the games contained on the multicart with their names as shown in the menu. Name corrections and additional notes are in brackets.

  1. Harvest Moon 3
  2. Tony Hawks Pro S (Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3)
  3. Snow White (Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs)
  4. Sabrina the Anim (Sabrina - The Animated Series: Spooked)
  5. Mega Man 2
  6. Sonic 5 (bootleg Sonic game by Makon Soft)
  7. Bust a Move 2 (Bust a Move 2: Arcade Edition)
  8. Mickey Mouse (Mickey Mouse: Magic Wand)
  9. Contra (japanese version of Contra: Operation C from 1991)
  10. Pac-Man
  11. Super Mario Lan (Super Mario Land)
  12. Cool Ball
  13. Bomb Jack
  14. Boxxle 2
  15. Boxxle
  16. Castelian
  17. Centipede
  18. Crystal Quest
  19. Dropzone (Drop Zone)
  20. Dr. Mario
  21. Flipull
  22. Heiankyo Alien
  23. Kwirk
  24. Loopz
  25. Missile Command
  26. NFL Football
  27. Pop Up (repeat of game 12)
  28. Serpentde (Serpent)
  29. Shang-Hai (Shanghai)
  30. Spot (Spot: The Video Game)
  31. Tesserea (Tesserae)
  32. World Bowling
  33. Alley Way (Alleyway)
  34. Amida
  35. Battle City
  36. Soukoban (japanese version of Boxxle, repeat of game 15)
  37. Bubble Ghost
  38. Dragon Slayer 1 (Dragon Slayer, only released in japan)
  39. Flappy Special
  40. Hong Kong (japanese)
  41. Klax
  42. Koi wa Kakihiki (Koi wa Kakehiki)
  43. Koro Dice
  44. Kyorchan Land H (Kyoro-chan Land, japanese version of Castelian, repeat of game 16)
  45. Master Karateka
  46. Migrain Acclaim (Migrain, japanese version of Brain Bender)
  47. Mine Sweeper (Minesweeper)
  48. Mogura de Pon (japanese)
  49. Motocross Mania (Motocross Maniacs)
  50. Othello
  51. Palamedes
  52. Penguin Land
  53. Pipe Dream
  54. Pitman (japanese version of Catrap)
  55. Puzzle Boy (japanese version of Kwirk, repeat of game 23)
  56. Puzzle Load (japanese version of Daedalian Opus)
  57. Q Billion
  58. Chiki 2 Tengoku (Chiki Chiki Tengoku)
  59. Space Invaders
  60. Star Fighter (Star Fight, an unlicensed port of the homebrew game Star Fight for the Amstad CPC, by Martin Korth in 1999, Download Link)
  61. Tasmania Story (japanese, never released worldwide)
  62. Tennis
  63. Tetris
  64. Trump Boy (japanese)
  65. Volley Fire
  66. Yokuman (japanese)
  67. DMG-KMJ (japanese version of Serpent, repeat of game 28)
  68. Deadalian Opus (Daedalian Opus, repeat of game 56)
  69. Dungeon Escape (an unfinished homebrew game by Anders Granlund from 1997, Download Link)
  70. Poke Mission 97 (an unlicensed homebrew game by Anders Granlund from 1997, Dowload Link)
  71. Mega Mania (Megamania, an unfinished port of Megamania for the Atari 2600 by Mike Mika, Video, Download Link)
  72. Thegameofharmo (The Game of Harmony)
  73. Ishido JPN Ver. (the japanese version of Ishido: The Way of Stones)
  74. Hyper Lode Runn (Hyper Lode Runner)
  75. Asteroids
  76. Brain Bender (repeat of game 46)
  77. Tetris 2 (repeat of game 63)
  78. Crystal (Crystal Quest, repeat of game 18)


CGB 78-1 front

The front of the PCB inside the multicart

CGB 78-1 back

The back of the PCB inside the multicart