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DahJee 8kB RAM

Image of a Type A (DahJee) 8kB Adapter

The 8kB RAM Adapter is a adapter for the SG-1000 released exclusively in Taiwan by Aaronix and later by Dahjee/Jumbo. It adds 8kB of RAM to the SG-1000 II. It is unknown if it was released with Sega's Approval


The 8kB RAM Adapter was originally made by Aaronix and was used for converting MSX games to the SG-1000. They likely released the RAM Adapter due to them wanting to release The Castle in Taiwan. But due to the game needing an extra 8kB of RAM. They decided to instead port the MSX version to SG-1000 and make it require it. Later on, DahJee/Jumbo made a version of it. It eventually became common to find most SG-1000 games being sold there didn't require it and of the some games that did, had alternate versions which didn't need the adapter.

Two types of adapters for two types of cartridges exist. The one by DahJee is known as a Type A and it's required to play any of their conversions on both SG-1000 II and SMS. The other one by Aaronix is a Type B and it's required to play any of their conversion on the SG-1000 II only.

Even though the conversions were done without the permission of any of the original developers or likely even Sega themselves. They were still legal due to the weak copyright laws at the time against software piracy.


  • Màoxiǎn dǎo (Adventure Island)
  • Hōngzhà duì (Bomberman Special) Has version that doesn't require it
  • Mówáng mígōng (The Castle)
  • Qī bǎo qí móu (The Goonies)
  • Mó yù chuánqí (Knightmare)
  • Yǐngzi chuánshuō (The Legend of Kage)
  • Mófǎ shī (Magical Kid Wiz)
  • Shénqí huāyuán (Pippols)
  • Dū dū chē/Wūzéi chē (Rally-X) Has version that doesn't require it
  • Huǒ fènghuáng/Huǒjiàn chē (Road Fighter) Has version that doesn't require it
  • Yǔzhòu zhànsh (Star Soldier)
  • Tǎnkè dàzhà (Tank Battalion)
  • Shuāngxiǎng pào (Twinbee) Has a version that doesn't require it
  • Dà cìkè (Yie Ar Kung Fu II: The Emperor Yie-Gah)
  • Yínhé zhēng bà (Zanac)


  • Some of the converted games suffer from corrupted sound. Especially Magical Kid Wiz and The Castle