Alexandr Vital'evich Chudov (Aleksandr Chudov) is a Russian developer for Dendy and Sega. His games have title screen "A. Chudov, Ulyanovsk, 25-93-67". They are on Russian.

Games Edit

Dendy Edit

Балда (Scrabble) Edit

Game has 2 mode: Balda (Russian game similar of Scrabble) and 15 puzzle. If you play Balda with computer, its course is accompanied text "quiet! The computer thinks", and if your word doesn't exist in the base game, you receive the message "is not good to deceive the computer".

Морской Бой (Sea Fight) Edit

Game has 3 mode: Sea Fight, Mathematics Fight and Calculator. Mathematics Fight is the game when you shooting to answers to the arithmetical, and with each one hundred points, you can play Tennis. Calculator is simply calculator, but it's very buggy.

Поле Чудес (Field of Dreams) Edit

Game based on TV game, analog of Wheel of Fortune.

Поле Чудес 2 (Field of Dreams 2) Edit

Remake of Pole Chudes. Added time constraints and the transition from level to level (need to score 1024 points). Game also has Mario sprite to open letters.

Фортуна (Fortune) Edit

Commercial version of Поле чудес 2. Ending screen has unical code and you could take real money if you put this code into shop.

Правила Дорожного Движения (Traffic Rules) Edit

The test on the knowledge of traffic rules.

Путешествие по Европе (Travel to Europe) Edit

You are travelling to Europe. At first, you need to choose a country and say, what country is it. If you are wrong, you lose 10$ (if you have less then 10$, nothing happens). If you right, you win 10$ and move to the country (in fact, you win some less then 10$, because the movement also withdraw money depending on the distance). Being in the country means test of 3 questions: capital, flag and neighboring countries. Right answer +10$, wrong -10$. If you have no money, you will be prompted to earn: think head (Mathematics Fight), work with hands (Warehouse no. 18) or try the luck (Casino). After you visit all the countries, you will be offered to go to a real trip to Europe.

Редактор текста (Text Editor) Edit

Text editor for NES. This program requires a printer.

Угадайка (Guessing) Edit

Guessing words from a selected category. There are four modes: English, Russian, translation from Russian into English and from English into Russian.

Склад #18 (Warehouse No. 18) Edit

Puzzle, where you have to move boxes, with the level editor.

Sega Games Edit

Взломщик кодов (Code Hacker) Edit

Cheating program, analog of Game Genie.

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