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ABAB Soft was a publisher of bootleg Famicom games founded in 2003, and was the publisher of Hummer Team's games until they went out of business in 2005.


ABAB Soft's carts included official games and pirate originals developed by Hummer Team. [1] Their 4-in-1 multicarts generally seem to go under the Super Cool Boy 4-in-1 name using CB-xxxx IDs. However, not many of their carts have been found and the multicart menus that appear on their (now defunct) site all appear to be mockups. Despite that, according to Hummer Cheng, these multicarts were in fact released (albeit some of the multicarts have a few games changed). [2]

Confirmed games[]

Name Released Cartridge No.
Mortal Kombat 4 March 1997 or earlier CB-4038
Panda Adventure Early 2000's(?) CB-4034
Sanguo Chunqiu: Sichuan Sheng 1996 CB-4033
Space Shuttle Exploration 1996(?) CB-4035
War 1999 CB-4031

Unconfirmed games[]

Listed on ABAB Soft's site (However, these games have all appeared elsewhere).

Name Released Description Cartridge No.
Dance Y2K Hot Dance 3-in-1, might also go by the name Finger DDR which appears on Power Joy Famiclones.
Dragon Running Hot Dance 3-in-1, appears on Power Joy Famiclones.
Harry's Legend Unknown, most likely 2000 or 2001 Originally had single cart releases and reappears on numerous multicarts. CB-4036 or CB-4037
Ping Pong Single cart, later appears on the ZDog.
Rings Early 2000's Reappears modified on the Super New Year Cart 15-in-1. CB-4030(?)
Titenic Unknown, possibly 1998-1999 Found on a 3-in-1 Cart, later rereleased on the Super New Year Cart 15-in-1 altering many assets, most notably the music, Hummer cheng stated this game had plans to release on cartridge, but plans fell through due to a popularity decline in the famicom. CB-4032(?)
War of Strike Mouse Hot Dance 3-in-1, appears on Power Joy Famiclones.
Soccer Of The World Later hacked by Waixing as Penalty Kick Released on a soccer-themed Plug n' Play device. The game also features graphic data for a multicart menu. It is unconfirmed if the original version of this game saw a release.


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  • On the website, the mockup screenshot of the multicart that contains Rings was the only known instance of its title screen before the multicart was dumped. On the Super New Year Cart 15-in-1, the graphics for it have been removed so even if you attempt to access the screen through hacking, it only appears as a mess of tiles.
  • In the source code for the website, you can find Handel Liao's name. Handel Liao was responsible for running Zechess. Given how Zechess started up in the same year ABAB Soft vanished, Zechess could be seen as a successor to ABAB Soft.
  • it is speculated that ABAB Soft had plans to release or work to release plug and play systems due to them having lots of games they feature being Plug n' Play esque, such as Ping Pong and Dance Y2K, aswell as other examples, this could explain the connection between zechess and ABAB soft


  • ABAB Soft - The standard alias the company uses most often
  • ARBA Soft - Only mention of this alias was found in CHR Data for Soccer Of The World. Interestingly, the domain was registered around the same time as the ABAB Soft website; It is unconfirmed wether or not it has any association to ABAB Soft due to the page only being a placeholder for the entirety short time it was paid for.