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The AT-101 84-in-1 is a pirated multicart that was bundled with the Ultra 8-Bit Famiclone by Argo.


This multicart contains 83 games, given that two of the ones listed are hacks of Duck Hunt. While most of the games included are 1st gen Famicom games, several other official titles appear on it as well as some unlicensed games and hacks. Oddly, despite the number of games it contains, some of the most commonly found games (on multicarts) like PAC-MAN and Hogan's Alley aren't included in this multicart and many of the more well-known ones are hacked. The menu is standard for multicarts with yellow text on a black background.

List of Games[]

  1. 80 Days (Nagagutsu o Haita Neko: Sekai Isshu 80 Nichi Dai Bouken)
  2. 1942
  3. Arkanoid
  4. Aladdin III (Magic Carpet 1001 with the title screen removed)
  5. Argus
  6. Adisland (Adventure Island)
  7. ASCII (Penguin-Kun Wars)
  8. Arabian (Super Arabian)
  9. Badminton (Super Dyna'mix Badminton)
  10. Baltron
  11. B-Wings
  12. Boat Race (F-1 Race hack)
  13. Bird Week
  14. Boom Man (Bomberman with the title screen hacked to read Boom Man)
  15. Brush Roller (Unlicensed Hwang Shinwei game)
  16. Clay Shoot (Duck Hunt with only the Clay Shoot mode available and the title screen has been removed)
  17. Chack and Pop (Chack'n Pop)
  18. Circus Charlie
  19. City Connection
  20. Challenger
  21. Dig Dug
  22. Dough Boy
  23. Druaga (The Tower of Druaga)
  24. Devil World
  25. Dingdong (Hack of Binary Land, replaces the penguins with Doraemons)
  26. Door Door
  27. Dynamite Bowl
  28. Elevator Action
  29. Exerion
  30. Formation Z
  31. Front Line
  32. Fire Dragon (Unlicensed Gamtec game)
  33. Flappy
  34. Flipull
  35. Field Combat
  36. Galaga
  37. Galg (Zunou Senkan Galg)
  38. Geimos
  39. Gyrodine
  40. Gotcha (Gotcha! The Sport!)
  41. Galaxians (Galaxian)
  42. Gradius (Misspelled as Gradtus on the list of games that the Ultra 8-Bit comes with)
  43. Hyper Olympic
  44. Joust
  45. Karateka
  47. Lode Runner
  48. Lunar Ball
  49. Macross (Choukijuu Yousai Macross)
  50. Magic Jewellery (Magic Jewelry by Hwang Shinwei)
  51. Mag Max
  52. Mappy
  53. Millipede
  54. Lode Runner 2 (Championship Lode Runner, says Lode Runner on the title screen)
  55. Spar (Urban Champion hack)
  56. Shoot UFO (Duck Hunt hack)
  57. Othello (Unlicensed Bit Corp. game)
  58. Pooyan
  59. Pac Land
  60. Pandamar (Super Mario Bros. hack)
  61. Penguin (Obake no Q-tarou: Wan Wan Panic)
  62. Route 16 (Route-16 Turbo)
  63. Raid on Bay (Raid on Bungeling Bay)
  64. Road Fighter
  65. Feat (Yie Ar Kung-Fu hack)
  66. Sky Destroyer
  68. Star Gate
  69. Star Force
  70. Son Son
  71. Spartan (Spartan X with a broken HUD and slightly glitched graphics)
  72. Spelunker
  73. Spy Vs Spy
  74. Sqoon
  75. Star Luster
  76. Tag Team (Tag-Team Pro Wrestling)
  77. Tank (Tank 1990, hack of Battle City)
  78. Twin Bee
  79. Wrestling (Kinnikuman: Muscle Tag Match, title screen says Wrestle)
  80. Goonies (The HUD is broken and the player only gets 1 life as opposed to 3)
  81. Wisdom (Wisdom Boy, unlicensed Gamtec game)
  82. Warp Man
  83. Xevious
  84. Zippy Race

Other versions[]

  • An earlier revision of this cart, bundled with the same console is numbered AT-001 and omits Boat Race, Championship Lode Runner, Spar, Shoot UFO, Feat and Goonies, replacing them with Balloon Fight, Ninja Fighter (Ikki), Ninja II, Nuts and Milk, Soccer and Wrecking Crew. Hidden within this multicart is a 90-in-1 menu containing several different games, omitting Boat Race, Championship Lode Runner, Paperboy, Star Soldier, and World Cup and replacing them with 10-Yard Fight, Balloon Fight, Battle City, Clu Clu Land, Ikki, Ninja Jajamaru Kun, Nuts & Milk, Soccer, Tiger Heli, Urban Champion, and Wrecking Crew. This unused menu appears to be from an even earlier version as some of the titles which are spelled correctly on the used menu are spelled wrong on the other menu.
  • AT-001 was also bundled with Trump Grand Manufacturing Co.'s Power Joy Famiclone as Power Joy PJ-008.
  • A later version of PJ-008 (albeit still numbered PJ-008) contains a similar set of games to AT-101, with Paper Boy, Star Soldier and World Cup (a Soccer hack) instead of Shoot UFO, Feat and Spar.
  • Another version of this multicart with a different label appears to have been bundled with a near-identical console, with the only known difference with the list of games being that Balloon Fight included instead of Boat Race.
  • Mega Arcade Action 99 in 1 AT-102, bundled with the "Mega Arcade Action" Famiclone (a later version of the Ultra 8 Bit) contains the same games as AT-101, with the addition of several repeats - mostly of Circus Charlie, Road Fighter and TwinBee - starting on a different level and with hacked (text-only) title screens. This version also adds a background image to the menu.



  • The multicart could possibly be related to Funtime due to containing Ding Dong which is a hack known to be made by them for the Y2K series of multicarts