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AV Pachinko also known as AV Super Real Pachinko is an adult-originated pachinko simulation game developed by C&E and published by Hacker International in 1991.


Instead of just being a Pachinko-machine simulator, the games tries to offer a little more. The player finds himself incarnated as a salary man inside Pachinko parlor with long rows of machines. At the beginning, the player starts with 10'000¥ and must exchange money for Pachinko balls and pick a Pachinko machine. The games rewards the player with adult content after winning a certain number of balls.


  • The game was designed by Hummer Cheng, he left before development was over to form Hummer Team.
  • The players in the parlor can change every-time. This is another touch that added to make the game look more real.
  • Judging from the style of adult content, it was likely done by Kathy Chen.



-ファミコン無免許- AV パチンコ - AV Pachinko (Famicom Unlicensed)