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A Bug's Life
A Bug's Life SNES Title.png
SNES Title Screen
Publisher DVS Electronic Co. (SNES)

X-Boy (MD)

Console SNES/Sega Mega Drive
Sound engine Bonkers (SNES sound)

A Bug's Life is an unlicensed port of the Game Boy Color game of the same name, made for the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis by an unknown developer at an unknown date. (Possibly after May 1999, as that is when the GBC version came out, of which this is a port of.)


The game is a port of the Game Boy Color version of the official game which was created by Disney Interactive, THQ and Tiertex Design Studios. The Super Nintendo version has a different intro than the Mega Drive version. There's some voice acting in the game; Flik (the main character) yells "Nice try!" or "Oh, yeah!" when enemies are hit. The Super Nintendo version also lacks the end-of-level wave animation.

Flik's palette in the level title cards is also notable darker in the Genesis version, while he sports his customary purple in the SNES version.


  • The Genesis version might have used some sounds from Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind.
  • The ending music in the Genesis version is taken from Sailor Moon.
  • The SNES version lacks the voice-acting, (except when Flik gets hit) while the Genesis version doesn't.