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Accolade logo.png
Origin San Jose, California (USA)
Years 1984-2000
Consoles Mega Drive (Unlicensed) - NES - PC Engine - SNES - PS1
Aliases Infogrames North America, Inc.
Related companies Ballistic

Accolade was an American computer game developer and publisher. Initially concentrating on home computer platforms, they began publishing games for home consoles in the early 1990s.

Just like Nintendo, Sega demanded royalties and exclusivity agreements from their third-party developers. Unwilling to accept such demands, Accolade reverse-engineered other Sega Genesis games to learn about its hardware and security lockout mechanisms, releasing several games as an unlicensed publisher. For the same reason, Accolade's later Genesis games included copies of Sega's Trademark Security System (TMSS) file to run on later revisions of the Genesis console that required the TMSS file to be present.

These activities prompted Sega of America in 1991 to initiate a lawsuit against Accolade (Sega vs. Accolade), claiming trademark and copyright infringement as well as unfair competition. Accolade countersued, claiming unfair competition for falsely labeling licensed games from third-party publishers as originating from Sega. After an initial verdict in Sega's favor and an appeal by Accolade, the two parties settled in 1993, with Accolade becoming a licensed publisher on the Sega Genesis.

Many of Accolade's earlier Genesis titles run only on the Sega Genesis Model 1 for lacking the TMSS file.

Unlicensed Sega Genesis Games

Year Title
1990 Ishido: The Way of Stones
1991 HardBall!
Mike Ditka Power Football
Star Control
1992 The Duel: Test Drive II
Universal Soldier
Winter Challenge
1993 Double Dragon
Super Off Road
Summer Challenge*
Al Michaels Announces HardBall III*
Jack Nicklaus' Power Challenge Golf*
* - Was unlicensed in early copies, but later copies are licensed.

From Bubsy (1993) onwards, Accolade games had a licence of Sega.

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