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Advance Bright Limited (ABL for short) is a Hong Kong based manufacturer of game consoles, including Famiclones and 16-bit systems. It may be linked to Macro Winners as one of ABL's earliest consoles, the Console TV, looked identical to a system manufactured by Macro Winners, and its cartridges resembled their "Game Star" carts. Both companies were also based in the same building in Hong Kong at one point, and both also used Cube Technology for a large amount of development work.



  • Air Blaster (14-in-1)
  • Arcade TV Game Set (95-in-1 version contains mostly hacked games, other versions exist. Also distributed by a different company as the Vs. Maxx Maxxplay)
  • Console TV
  • Console TV Challenge
  • Dance Party 3 / Dance Master 3
  • Twin Dancers
  • Dance Party Professional
  • Gunboy
  • N-Joypad (contains built-in hacked games, it is designed to resemble a CD based system but the included discs are in fact of different sizes and simply press internal buttons in the "CD drive" when the lid is closed to change the selection of games)
  • Pinball (VT03 hack of Family Pinball for the Famicom, with all references to Pac-Man and Namco removed, and an entirely different menu system)
  • Table Tennis (VT03 based, developed by Cube Tech)


  • Air Blaster (5-in-1)

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