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Agent Hugo: Enviroment At Risk (Кузя: Екология в опасности) is a Russian hack of Chuck Rock II: Son Of Chuck made by Simba's for the Sega Genesis.

Environment at Risk

Title screen of the hack.

In the World of Dinosaurs

Hugo: In The World Of Dinosaurs' title screen.

There are a few things that have been changed: there is now a plot before the start of the game, a new title screen, the main character being replaced by Hugo with the attack now being a short-ranged laser gun (the original was a bat) and the level order is changed. Aside from that it plays like the original game. There is a simple hack of this game called Agent Hugo: In The World Of Dinosaurs (Кузя: в мире динозавров) which is the same except that there is a different plot, a new title screen and the level order being changed again.