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This article is about Aladdin (Super Game). For games with a similar title, see Aladdin (disambiguation).

Aladdin is a Famicom port of the Sega Mega Drive game of the same name, made by Super Game and published by Realtec.


Aladdin (Super Game) Gameplay

Aladdin's gameplay (Super Aladdin version)

This is one of three ports of Virgin's Aladdin games to the NES, alongside Aladdin II and the official European NES port. (Hummer Team's Aladdin is a port of Capcom's SNES game, which is related only in name to Virgin's)

The gameplay mechanics and controls of this port are generally considered to be the best of all three; jumping can be somewhat sluggish but nevertheless it is considerably more responsive than both the official port and Aladdin II, although there are collision detection issues in places.

The graphics and music are taken from the Mega Drive game and simplified, unlike the official port which instead uses graphics from the Game Boy version with a limited range of palettes applied, and features a more limited range of music.

However, it only contains four levels - Agrabah Market, The Desert, Agrabah Rooftops and Rug Ride (spelt "Rugrid" in-game).

Unlike Aladdin II, an intro and some between-level cutscenes are included in this version, and unlike many later Super Game games, it has an ending: a "The End" screen with the Genie popping out of a page, saying his famous quote: "Made you look!".


  • The help screen makes reference to Abu's bonus level despite it not being present in this version. "Princess" is also misspelled as "Prineess".
  • At least two versions of this game exist, with the first - Aladdin - being most faithfully accurate to the original game, and the more common one - Super Aladdin - being released on a more simple mapper with an updated palette, parts of the game removed and several graphics taken from Prince of Persia (Mega Drive).
  • The Super Aladdin version was repackaged and re-released by an unknown group as "Super Aladdin II" for Game Boy Advance. It uses a hacked version of PocketNES and includes the Super Aladdin version of the ROM. The options screen has the credits "Modified by".
  • It appears that the game is partially Dendy optimized. When played in NTSC mode the music is faster compared to the original Megadrive version. When played in Dendy mode the music matches the speed of the Megadrive version. However, the graphics have a green tint when played in Dendy or PAL NES mode, as opposed to the red tint in the NTSC mode. This can be fixed by changing the value at $E0 to $5E.



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