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Amusement Park - Jumping Kid (often shortened to just Jumping Kid in multicarts) is a platformer game developed by Nice Code Software and released some time in the mid-to-late 2000s.


In this game, the player control a boy, who must jump over various kinds of animals (frogs, elephants, dogs, etc.). Its gameplay is comparable to the second level of Circus Charlie, likely by intention given the "Amusement Park" name.


Amusement Park - Jumping Kid (VT03)[]

There is a VT03 hack of Jumping Kid featuring altered graphics, but retaining the original game's title. This version seems to utilize the VTxx's extra sound channel in its music track; though for unknown reasons, the majority of consoles featuring the game do not play the extra audio track.

The Training Camp of Worms (VT02)[]

The Training Camp of Worms is a hack of Jumping Kid originating from Qi Sheng Long, in which the boy is replaced with a worm who must jump over bugs. The "121-in-1" revision of Qi Sheng Long's common multicart set shortens the game's name to just "The Worms".



  • Amusement Park - Jumping Kid would receive a VT03-exclusive "sequel" titled Amusement Park 2, which is a closer clone of Circus Charlie.
  • As with many other NES-based Nice Code titles, a hidden credits screen can be accessed (in some ROM revisions) by pressing Up, Down, Up, Left, Right, Left, and B on the title screen.
  • There appears to be another VTxx-based variant of the game titled Shaun the Sheep 2; it is only known to appear on an uncommon "P2P" handheld console (GR-380).[1]
    • The "first" Shaun the Sheep game in the list is the Little Nemo - The Dream Master hack seen on Touch Game Player consoles.
  • The Training Camp of Worms originally featured a two-player mode, but it is zeroed out on some one-player only plug & plays. While this is common for Nice Code titles in general, it is one of only eight Qi Sheng Long VT02 variants to have this distinction.


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