An Hei Po Huai Shen
An Hei Po Huai Shen
Title screen.
Publisher Shenzhen Nanjing
Cart ID(s) NJ037
Original developer Blizzard Software
Console Famicom
Engine Nanjing RPG engine
Sound engine Nanjing
Alternate names/hacks Diablo
Diablo II
An Hei Po Huai Shen, also known as Diablo or Diablo II, is a backport of Diablo to the NES by Shenzhen Nanjing. The game is a turn based RPG unlike the real Diablo. The game's music has been taken from games such as Golden Sun.

Like almost all of Shenzhen Nanjing's games, dying in a battle will result in you going back to the title screen.

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