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Andrio's World, formerly known as Mobile Andrio, is an Android Mario game, strongly based on Super Mario World, developed and published by Jörg Jahnkel on 2010. At an unknown point, Nintendo sent a copyright claim and the game got taken down from the Play Store.


The title screen has five buttons:

  • On the far left, there is a button to select a game mode (see game modes below)
    • The regular 45-level run that has an increasingly difficulty.
    • An infinite mode that spawns a random level out of order.
    • A competitive mode (no longer works).
  • On the second button from the left, there is a worldwide ranking that doesn't work. due to the game being taken down from Play Store.
  • The button on the middle is a list of achievements.
  • The second button from the right is a mailbox with an unknown function because it doesn't work.
  • The last button on the far right leads to a menu that has two boost items that can be purchased with in-game coins.

The player controls a character resembling Luigi named Andrio, albeit without gloves and a short sleeved shirt. The controls are two arrows whose borders are separate buttons that make Andrio run instead of walk, a red jump button, and a green button to duck. The game seems to be strongly based on Nintendo's SNES hit Super Mario World, as it features a very similar level appearance and features some characters from that game such as Galoombas, Koopa Troopas on all four colors and Rexes. Despite their appearance, nearly all enemies behave the same, where the player steps on them once and they die instantly, regardless of they are Koopas or Rexes. The only enemies that behave somehow differently are the Bullet Bills and the Flying Galoombas, which just move horizontally and can be easily defeated by just a step on their heads, just like regular enemies. Each level features ? Blocks that can drop one coin, a coin that moves like a mushroom and has more value than a regular one, and a red gem that has even move value than the previous two. There are also Fire Flowers and Super Mushrooms, although, as these behave just like coins, Andrio is unable to get any power-up. There are also 1-UP Mushrooms that do not move and are found around the map rather than inside ? Blocks. The game has 45 levels, on which each of them has a brown hammer, that, when touched, it gives the player a checkpoint and they can continue from there if they die. The levels also have pipes, and even though there is a button to make Andrio duck, none of the pipes are functional. In order to complete a level, the player must touch a star. The game also includes achievements and worldwide ranking, but none of these work ever since the game got taken down from Play Store.


  • The newer version (Andrio's World) has a glitch where no music ever plays. This however can be fixed on the settings menu located at the top-right corner with an option that can be disabled and the music then can be heard.