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Angry Birds: Star Wars
Angry Birds- Star Wars.jpg
Title screen.
Hack of Angry Birds in Russia
Publisher KDS
Developer BMB
Console Sega Mega Drive
Date Late 2013
Engine BMB's SDK
Sound engine TFM Music Maker

Angry Birds: Star Wars is a bootleg port of the game with the same name for the Sega Genesis. It was developed by BMB and released sometime after 2012, as this was the release year of the mobile game.


Angry Birds: Star Wars' gameplay on the Genesis has almost nothing in common with the original mobile game. None of the original levels were brought over to the Genesis game. Most of the enemies are normal pigs. You can launch Luke, Obi-Wan, and Han Solo, but they lack special abilities. Once all levels are completed, the game shows Darth Vader without his mask, only to reveal he's a pig, not a bird.

Stolen Graphics

Music (From TFM Music Maker)

  • Alone Coder - Uzhos
  • C-Jeff - Difference
  • Erasure (Remixed by Kulor) - Always
  • Groovemaster303 - Lost Forest
  • Harukamei Kasumo - Down The City Streets
  • Harukamei Kasumo - Screwtitles
  • Jobro - Crystalin
  • John Silver and Alone Coder - LBF
  • Karbofos - Dejavu
  • Linde - Forget Him
  • Linde - Lightyears from You
  • Kazumi Totaka (Remixed by Kulor)- Games of Happiness (from Yoshi's Story)