Angry Birds: Star Wars
Angry Birds- Star Wars
Title screen.
Developer BMB
Original developer Rovio
Console Sega Genesis

Angry Birds: Star Wars as we know is a game you can play on your phone but as we all know there are going to be bootlegs this bootleg is a bootleg for the Sega Genesis and is called Angry Birds: Star Wars and it looks like angry birds but reskined in the worst way possible like very bad this bootleg can be found on a small store in the land of the bad bootlegs Russia.



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  • Alone Coder - Uzhos
  • C-Jeff - Difference
  • Erasure - Always
  • Groovemaster303 - Lost Forest
  • Linde - Forget Him
  • Yoshi's Story - Games of Happiness

Gameplay Edit

The game is really crappy and disturbing. It rips music off other games (Despite the fact that the soundtracks they chose were fire) and the game is absolutely nothing like the actual Angry Birds Star Wars. It uses different level designs and uses some regular pigs for enemies. You can launch Luke bird, Obi Wan bird, and Han Solo bird, but they do not have special abilities. And once you complete the game, it shows an image of Darth Vader with out his mask, only to see he is a pig instead of a bird. The apes that made this game know nothing of star wars.