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The game's title.

An original cart.

Angry Birds, also known as Angry Bird 3, is a pirated game for the Famicom based off of the Angry Birds game for mobile phones. While the creator of the game is unknown, it is most likely made by Nice Code. A Plants Vs. Zombies clone is in the games code, also based on the mobile phone game. The release date is unconfirmed, but it was most likely in 2011, which was when both games were very popular on phones, tablets, and portable game consoles. (although according to the site it was released on the 23rd of march 2012)

Angry Birds

Angry Bird 3 being used on a famiclone, which resembles a Game Boy Micro

The game follows the same story as the mobile phone game: There are 4 "acts", each with several levels. The mission is to destroy the pigs, who have stolen the eggs. However, due to putting it on an older console, there are many limitations. The only bird in the game is the generic red bird. The same goes with the pigs. The golden eggs are removed, and you have five birds (in this case lives) in every level. You can't earn any stars in this game either. The sound is a random looping tune that has no connection with Angry Birds. There are no sound effects at all, just the music. Also, it has less angles than the touch screen game. It is currently being sold in several toy stores, mostly in China as Angry Bird 3 on multicarts and famiclones (despite the title screen saying Angry Birds).

Plants Vs. Zombies

The Plants Vs. Zombies NES clone uses the same engine as Angry Bird 3 and retains the same looping theme from the game as well. The game does retain similarities with the original game, but is quite sluggish in comparison. It contains less plants and zombies, but it is quite faithful for being 8-bit. As they both run on the same engine, it is common to find both of them on recent famiclones (like the one on the right) together.

Moai-kun hack

An entirely different game titled Angry Birds has been seen on certain other famiclones; however, it is 


NES Famicom Plants Vs. Zombies Unlicensed Прохождение Playthrough

nothing like the mobile phone game, and is instead a hack of Konami's puzzle-platformer Moai-kun.[1]