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This article is about Angry Birds (Famicom). For games with a similar title, see Angry Birds (disambiguation).

Angry Birds, also known as Angry Bird 3, is a pirated game for the Famicom based on the mobile game. While the developer is unknown, it was most likely made by Nice Code Software.

Angry Birds[]

The game follows the same story as the mobile phone game: There are 4 "acts", each with several levels. The mission is to destroy the pigs, who have stolen eggs from the birds' nest. In this version, there is only one kind of bird and one kind of pig. The music is lifted from the Nice Code game Beach Ball (also known as Star), and there are no sound effects.

The player only has five preset angles to aim their slingshot; this makes the gameplay outcome effectively predetermined. This does, however, make the game have a loose form of actual physics, including the ability to knock down wooden planks and fortresses. Comparable bootlegs, such as Super Angry Birds and the Sega Genesis port, feature heavily stilted physics in comparison.

Another, non-copyright infringing version of the game exists, known as Angry Duck. Assuming Nice Code is the developer, this was likely meant to appear on plug 'n play systems made by DreamGEAR and similar companies; however, the Angry Duck variant is rather uncommon.


  • The Angry Birds Famicom port was released alongside a Famicom conversion of Plants vs. Zombies; both titles are often bundled together in multicarts. A much rarer game titled Dance Gangnam Style may also be tied to this "set" of releases.
  • The game is typically labeled on multicarts and "plug & play" consoles as Angry Bird 3; the "3" was added to fit the game into a series of (non-Nice Code-developed) ROM hacks numerically.
    • The game labeled as the "first" Angry Birds is commonly the Moai-kun hack; a hack of The NewZealand Story is commonly labeled as Angry Birds 2, with an additional Angry Birds-themed hack of Flipull appearing on some PVP systems. Ironically, all three hacks originated under the "Angry Birds 2" name.
  • Angry Birds, alongside Plants vs. Zombies, were leaked online by Maxzhou88 shortly after their creation. It appears that many multicart developers used these leaked copies rather than licensing directly from Nice Code, as evident by several factors regarding them (e.g. Plants vs. Zombies being overdumped in file size, as it is on most plug & play consoles).
  • For someone reason, the A on the title screen is shaped like a H, making it read Hngry Birds
    • This was corrected on the Angry Duck hack.