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This article is about Angry Birds (Sega Genesis). For games with a similar title, see Angry Birds (disambiguation).

Angry Birds is a port of the mobile game of the same name for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. It was originally developed in China by a huge fan of the Angry Birds game and the original ROM is available to download for free. As a result, pirates have republished the game on cartridges and "Firecore"-based plug & plays, as well as develop additional hacks of the game. A bootleg back-port of the Genesis homebrew was later ported to Famicom/NES hardware as Super Angry Birds.

The Angry Birds Genesis port features rather stiff physics compared to the mobile original. The fortresses and wooden planks do not actually fall, merely disappearing when a lined-up "hit" is detected; a trait shared with Super Angry Birds and the later-released Angry Birds in Russia. This makes the game rather difficult to play as a result. The port is largely incomplete and contains a bug which makes the game crash after pressing the Reset button.

Angry Birds Season[]

Angry Birds Season is a hack of the homebrew only known to exist on the ES-2016 16bit handheld, the hack changes the game to be based on the "Seasons Greetings" update from Angry Birds Seasons, it adds new sprites, new levels, and a cutscene.[1] It's unknown if it was made by Zhengyaxin or by the bootlegers.


  • The PXP3 handheld (likely alongside other "PVP" console revisions) adds a splash screen to the game, which is modified from the Easter event in Angry Birds Seasons. The game is otherwise unmodified.

The russian cart of the game also features Easter themed art, with also using actual screenshots of Angry Birds Seasons.


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