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This article is about Angry Birds in Russia. For games with a similar title, see Angry Birds (disambiguation).

Angry Birds in Russia (Angry Birds В России) is a clone of Angry Birds made by BMB (the same developer behind Felix the Cat, Mario 3: Around the World, and Darkwing Duck). There are no credits to be found inside the game to support this fully but it is speculated that it was published by Kudos.


The game begins with a title screen depicting Chuck and a Pig wearing a ushanka, which is immediately interrupted by a menu depicting two worlds, one of which is unlocked. The gameplay consists of using the A button to rotate counter clockwise, the B button to rotate clockwise and the C button to launch the bird, while the D-pad moves the camera and adjusts the power of the shot, and the start button opens up a menu with the options of trying again or going back to the stage select screen. The physics are unrealistic and stilted, making even the most basic stages notoriously difficult. The birds don't have their original abilities and the buildings don't interact with the environment as the pieces just explode when you cause enough damage. Just like most BMB games, the music is stolen from TFM and the sound engine from VGM. The game ends on a picture of the defeated pigs.



  • Angry Birds
  • New Super Mario Bros.
  • Super Mario All-Stars


  • C-Jeff - Difference
  • Erasure - Always
  • Groovemaster303 - Lost Forest
  • John Silver and Alone Coder - LBF
  • Karbofos - Dejavu
  • Linde - Forget Him
  • Linde - Lightyears from You
  • Yoshi's Story - Games of Happiness



One of the songs has overly loud sounds during its run time (possibly because it can't load the instrument), note that this happens in some emulators.