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Asder 20-in-1 is a multicart created by Asder (NTDEC alias) in 1993.



Menu screen.

The multicart itself starts with an intro featuring a pair of dancing shoes. All of the games from Caltron 6-in-1 are present on this multicart, although the music and sound effects in Bookyman are identical to Brush Roller's, which is what the game is a hack of. There's also a hack of Magic Carpet 1001 titled Magic Carpet 1001 Turbo which maxes out the player's weapon at the start and prevents it from being downgraded. Four of the games listed (Bingo, Hi-Lo Poker, Puzzler and Kentucky Derby) were originally part of Pokey, a gambling game created by NTDEC in 1989. Hi-Lo Poker was the main game, and the other three were mini games. The last three games are all lightgun games.

List of games[]

  1. Magic Carpet 1001 - Listed as Magic Carpet.
  2. Skate Boy
  3. Cosmos Cop
  4. Bookyman - Unlike the Caltron 6-in-1 version, the sound is unchanged from Brush Roller.
  5. Balloon Monster
  6. JP Ronny
  7. Bingo - Mini game from Pokey.
  8. Adam & Eve
  9. Porter
  10. Hi-Lo Poker - Main game from Pokey.
  11. Go! Benny! - Listed as Go-Benny.
  12. Tank - Listed as Tanks.
  13. Turbo Magic Carpet 1001 - Hack of Magic Carpet 1001.
  14. Benico
  15. Puzzler - Mini game from Pokey.
  16. Kentucky Derby - Mini game from Pokey.
  17. Dream Fighter
  18. Master Shooter - Listed as Shooter Part1.
  19. Top Hunter
  20. Master Shooter - A hack of the other Master Shooter, starting on a later level.


  • On the title screen of the games extrapolated from Pokey you can hear a version of Clarinet Polka.
  • The "Turbo" word in Turbo Magic Carpet 1001's title is taken from Street Fighter II Turbo.