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AtGames is a company that markets various Plug 'n Play systems (often referred to as "flashbacks") and handheld devices featuring games from Atari, Coleco, Sega and INTV Corp (Intellivision). While these products may be licensed, they run on the same hardware that many clone systems do, and several of the games found on their various consoles are either unlicensed from the original copyright holder or are pirate originals.

Pirated Games[]

A list of pirated versions of actual games that have appeared on AtGames systems.

ColecoVision games[]

Many AtGames systems feature ColecoVision games, obtained under "license" by the River West Brands-owned Coleco Holdings. This includes numerous titles that would presumably belong to other third-parties: such as Konami's Antarctic Adventure, Taito's Jungle Hunt, and Exidy's Pepper II. Several Sega games are also part of this Coleco licensing package, including Zaxxon and Space Fury; strangely, the latter has a homebrew "sequel" on the AtGames consoles known as "Ms. Space Fury".

However, the current Coleco company is effectively just a brand name - and seemingly owns no actual rights to the ColecoVision game library. Similarly to the Ultracade, the current Coleco seems to falsely insist rights in these licensed games, taking various shady procedures (e.g. registering trademark rights) to appear more legitimate. AtGames utilized River West's Coleco "license" in numerous products, such as plug & plays, arcade machines, and a digital 40-in-1 compilation on Steam. This may make AtGames, at least partially, liable for the presumably-bootlegged Coleco content.


  • Squirrel King (Sega Genesis) - reportedly used under "license" from Piko Interactive, though this ignores the fact that the game uses unauthorized versions of Chip and Dale.
  • The Flintstones (Taito, Sega Genesis) - appears on some early handheld systems (?).
  • Various older unlicensed titles, such as Magic Girl (Sega Genesis) and Mermaids of Atlantis (Magic Bubble variant; NES). These games are generally "licensed" by Piko or a similar party.
  • Numerous Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man releases (see "Lawsuit" section below).

Pirate Originals[]

Various generic pirates (labeled as "bonus games"), only found in their Sega Genesis systems.

Name Developer Released Description
Air Hockey Devworks Game Technology 2005 An air hockey-like game.
Black Sheep
Bomber Tectoy? A Bomberman clone.
Bottle Taps Race Devworks Game Technology 2005 A bottle cap racing game.
Brain Switch
Break the Fireline Shenzhen Niutai A clone of Space Invaders and Galaxian.
Bubbles Master Shenzhen Niutai A Zuma clone.
Bulls and Cows
Cannon Devworks Game Technology 2005 A shooting target game.
Checker Devworks Game Technology 2003 A game of Peg Solitaire.
Chess BS Comp. Ltd. 1998 A game of Chess.
Color Puzzle
Cross the Road Shenzhen Niutai A Frogger clone with a dog instead of a frog.
Curling 2010 Shenzhen Niutai Contrary to the title, it's actually a Dodgeball-like game.
Dino Match A reskin of Reaction Match.
Dominant Amber A reskin of Dominant Color.
Dominant Color
Fight or Lose Devworks Game Technology 2005 Another Chess-like game.
Firefly Glow
Fish Story Nice Code A clone of Feeding Frenzy.
Flash Memory
Formula Challenge
Hexagonos Tectoy?
Hidden Agenda
Hidden Rule A reskin of Hidden Agenda.
Hide and Seek A reskin of Table Magic.
Jack's Pea Shenzhen Niutai A game where you jump up as many platforms as possible.
Jewel Magic Shenzhen Niutai A Columns clone.
Jura Formula A reskin of Formula Challenge.
Logic Dial
Lost World Sudoku A reskin of Sudoku Quiz.
Mahjong Solitaire AtGames 2008 A game of Mahjong.
Match Eleven
Meatloaf Rotation A reskin of Logic Dial.
Mega Brain Switch
Memory AtGames 2008 A Memory game.
Memory Match
Mirror Mirror
Mr. Balls Devworks Game Technology 2004? A Lights Out clone.
Mya Master Mind A reskin of Bulls and Cows.
Naval Power Devworks Game Technology 2005 A Battleship clone.
Oviraptor Hazard A reskin of Treasure Hunt.
Panic Lift
Reaction Match
Reptile Silhouette
Skeleton Scale
Snake AtGames 2008 A game of Snake.
Space Hunter
Sparkling Truffle
Spider/Anniversary Devworks Game Technology 2005 A game where you shoot spiders.
Sudoku Quiz
Table Magic
Treasure Hunt
T-Rex Memory Match A reskin of Memory Match.
Warehouse Keeper AtGames 2008 A Sokoban-like puzzle game.
Whack-A-Wolf A Whac-A-Mole clone with Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.
Yawning Triceratops A reskin of Firefly Glow.


See also: History of Ms. Pac-Man legal issues on Pac-Man Wiki

The bootleg Ms. Pac-Man machine.

In September 2019, Bandai Namco Entertainment filed a lawsuit against AtGames for attempting to release a bootleg Ms. Pac-Man arcade machine. While AtGames previously had the license to Pac-Man, they didn't at this time, and never had the Ms. Pac-Man rights under any form. According to the lawsuit, AtGames has even claimed that they bought out General Computer Corporation's partial rights to the game, a completely illegal move and a claim Bandai Namco is yet to even verify.

The lawsuit also mentions the Bandai Namco Flashback Blast, a licensed Pac-Man console. The version of the system Bandai Namco approved featured arcade games, while the version released had unapproved Famicom/NES games (including several from Tengen, with their copyrights intact). This console's release caused damage to Bandai Namco's reputation due to false advertising. When the lawsuit was dismissed in November 2020, AtGames resumed sales of the console.[1] Subsequently, Namco replaced the Ms. Pac-Man character with another character called "Pac-Mom" in re-releases and compilations, with exception of the Arcade1UP home arcade system; however, the Arcade1UP system had the "Hello, Nakamura!" hidden message blanked out from the ROM files.[2]


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