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Atari 2600 - 128 Games Built-In is a game console released in 1991. It features many pirated Atari 2600 games built in - but bizarrely, is seemingly licensed (and possibly manufactured) by Atari themselves.


Little is known about the system, other than that it was produced in late 1991, likely in very limited quantities. It features a switch on the back labeled "GAME GROUP", which selects between four 32-in-1 game menus. Its built-in games include hacks of titles not developed by Atari (such as "Tom Boy" and "Super Ferrari", hacks of Activision's Pitfall! and Enduro), alongside unhacked bootlegs under altered names (Coleco's Donkey Kong renamed as "King Kong"). The console resembles the Junior model of the Atari 2600, but the controller appears to be taken from the European version of the Atari 7800.

While one would think the console is unquestionably a bootleg, it was very likely licensed by Atari. This is most evident by the circuit board, in which every chip is labeled "© ATARI 1991" [1] - something a bootlegger would be very unlikely to do. This would be one of several instances of Atari releasing pirated software under their own name, with another example being the 32-in-1 Game Cartridge included with several Australian 2600 models.

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