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Atlant Olimpic is an arcade sports game, developed and released by a group known as "Georgia" in 1996. A ROM hack of Konami's Track & Field commemorating the 1996 Summer Olympics, it was only released in Italy; as such, it is in Italian.


Unlike the original game, female athletes are available, while the existing male athletes received visual changes (full beard instead of a single mustache). Additionally, the voices in the game are lower pitched than that of the original.

On the technical level, while mostly identical to the original, the game's PCB contains a Motorola 6802 on top of the Zilog Z80 and a custom Konami-1 CPU; the 6802 was likely used for copy protection.


The gameplay is, for most part, unchanged from the original Track & Field: players play various Olympic events, such as 110m Hurdles and Long Jump. Players control their character by tapping two (or one) buttons very quickly, mainly for running, but also for building power. A third button is used for a certain action (shoot, throw or jump). Up to three players can compete at the same time.


  • In an attempt to dodge potential copyright issues, the game features an English title (Atlanta turned Atlant and Olympic became Olimpic); additionally, the Summer Olympics logo in the title has one additional Olympic ring.